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Igby Iris / Press

"If your into excellently produced, written and performed rock then I have just the thing for you" "This is a excellent band...that has the right stuff" "I can find no flaw with anything on the CD"

Eric Zane - 97.9 FM The Free Beer & Hot Wings Show

“Igby Iris, is a refreshing alternative to today's rock music. Each member brings their own distinct style to the band which helps create their characteristic tunes. The music of igby iris blends creative, melodic rock with dark, soulful vocals for a sound that fans of all genres can appreciate."”

Brian Infinity - Local Music Life

"They will supply you with a sound you miss and yet haven't heard at the same time."

Justin Gunnink - www.banditmerch.com

"Musically speaking, Igby Iris, puts out "melodic music with a prog-rock edge and a dark-but-fetching undercurrent."

John Sinkevics - The Grand Rapids Press