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“Pride to Showcase Top Musical Acts”

“It's Top 40 from an alternate universe where only Top 40 from the 1980's ever existed, then evolved in a complete vacuum with modern technology”

“It suddenly dawned on me that obviously Boy George was an influence on Ladyboi's style and music.”

“An on fire artist with attitude, and a fire of passion in his voice. Ladyboi is most definitely a music superstar on the rise.”

“If you're looking for an evening of music that's great to dance to, Ladyboi will deliver ...”

"Wickedly catchy pop manifestations"

“I encourage every member of the LGBT community to blab about their lives just like I have in this interview. Let it out. Show everybody you are just as much a 3-dimensional human being as the next person.”

“Ladyboi - A crazy soulful Arab punk who's taking over the world”

“MGT Featured Video Artist”

“With traces of George Michael's stylish pop, Lady Gaga's envelope-pushing and, yes, a little Prince, the real-life Tony Yalda proved stage-ready”

“In my opinion, "Don't Go Tellin" is his best all-around song, vibrant and catchy and heartfelt, but "Blahk is the Day" is a fabulous, same-sex sonic cousin to "You Don't Own Me." Ladyboi wants to be an openly gay artist from the start, and I think his work is something the gay community could embrace with no guilt, and with pride. ”

“The HOLLABACKS were a strong contestant among the 12 selected contenders from across the U.S., starting with their crowd-pleasing performance at the New York City Battle of the Bands regional concert Aug. 16. The band later recorded a music video in Dallas of “It’s Over,” a song that captures the band’s retro take on modern pop/rock melodies.”