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“HUNDRED ACRES headlines the Pointer Brand Jeans / LC King Factory 100th Birthday Celebration in Bristol, TN! On April 20th, 2013 the Famous Pointer Brand Jeans company celebrated a monumental moment in history as it surpassed 100 years in business. It is the last family-owned textile factory in America and still produces some of the finest hand-made products in the world, all in the historic downtown Bristol, TN building in which it occupies. April 20th marked a celebration to honor the name, the employees and owner Jack King. In 2011, HUNDRED ACRES filmed a video inside the LC King Building for Pointer which ended up winning National Awards as an innovative way of marketing the workings of a factory.”

JLS - Pointer News

“HUNDRED ACRES was selected to be featured in the 2012 Ad Campaign for Pointer-Brand Jeans. The song they are shown playing in this video is called "When the River is Low", written by Jeff Lane. In the video the band played the song without the lyrics, in the 3rd floor of the historic Pointer warehouse in downtown Bristol, TN...”

““Hundred Acres is an East Tennessee-based band centered around the sharp vocals and unique songs of guitarist Jeff Lane. The rhythms mostly have an acoustic groove driven by the mandolin and guitar. You probably won’t confuse the songs with anyone else’s, and that’s a good thing, although you will hear echoes of Steely Dan, and occasionally the Beatles, Eagles, and even the Doobie Brothers. But it’s mostly the fertile mind of Jeff Lane, with great help from Matthew Oakes, Joe and Howard Bastedo and Quentin Horton, who also recorded and produced “Where The Buffalo Roam”. The project has a very live feel, on purpose… Sounds like Jeff is showcasing his tunes for you in the living room. And I can’t think of a better way to listen to cool new music”. Tim Stafford - Blue Highway ”

Tim Stafford / Blue Highway / Rounder Records - Artist Quote

““When asked to play on a few of the songs on this project, I was glad to do it… and after we cut the tracks, I was more than thrilled with the results. I’m sure you will agree, these guys have a good thing going and I’m very proud to call each one of them my friend! KEVIN JACKSON - Fiddle / Wolf Creek ”

Kevin Jackson / Wolf Creek - Artist Quote

“There are times you see faces / Some are clear and some are worn / And there are times you sense big changes / You might have to break the vow that you've sworn / And there were times you didn't lift a finger / When you might have changed the world / And now that you've become a believer / You're on your knees where apologies are heard”