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Highly Suspect / Press

“ ALL STORIES Newer Older Highly Suspect Amps Up Trash Bar On 30 May, 2013 By J Straw With 0 Comments Highly Suspect played Trash Bar last night, and never before have I seen a Williamsburg audience get so pumped. It was like watching the Southern crew from my youth high on apathy and boredom jumping in unison, excited for the first time, overtaken by the loud guitar, heavy drums and catchy hooks that is Highly Suspect. But with tracks like “Bath Salts,” would you expect anything less? I’m not talking the gentle nod from foot to foot you see every other night of the week but the youthful fist pumps with a garage rock influence that makes the fist pumps not so cliché.”

"Should be called, "Highly Awesome"! This is one of the BEST bands I have heard for a long time."

“Highly Suspect does something unique in that they manage to revive the rock sound from the early 00s that the likes of Matchbox 20 and 3 Doors Down had and update it in a way that is relevant to the latest generation. It is refreshing how well the vocals mix with the instrumentation. The EP is very easy to listen to in any capacity and although their one sheet compares them to My Morning Jacket and Kings of Leon, I think their sound surpasses them because of its perfect mix of nostalgia and modern music stylings. All three tracks are fantastic, with Then Mickey standing out the most to myself, but I would suggest that any radio station play any of these three. ”

“Cape Cod is more than just an overpriced sand bar that houses obese tourist families and angry natives. Its also where "Highly Suspect", the power trio of genre bending rockers was born. A group that breaks the walls down at local shows is now beginning to spread their wings into a broader circuit. With the recent release of "THE GANG LION E.P", Highly Suspect is prepping for a college radio push starting Nov. First and mapping out their first national tour. Over 200 live shows, each one outdoiing the previous, These kids are ready to do their part in helping this world wake the f*&k up, check them out on facebook here... http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Highly-Suspect/185902445436Welcome to 2010, heres a band that perfectly captures how it feels to be a young twenty something that spent their teenage years in the midst of a technological revolution, Multiple Wars, and horrible teenie pop alike.”