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Hey! Hello! / Press

“Victora Liedtke is an absolute star - sassy, playful and effortlessly cool”

“Victoria is a natural frontwoman who comes across like a hyperactive younger version of Debbie Harry.”

“In the flash of a song this night turned from a gig to a party.. Hey! Hello! is one of those bands that whip you into frenzy whether you like it or not with a style of rock that I have decided to describe as Candy Floss laced with barbed wire.”

“Her (Victoria's) affection for the hook-filled power pop this band have made their hallmark is clear, and by the end of the set most of the venue appears to have fallen head over heels for her and her perfect voice.”

“Noisy pop perfection, with Liedke thriving in centre stage.”

“Victoria told the Nottingham masses, ” We’re taking siege of Rock City! Now everyone bopp, rock, dance and flail your arms. Sing with us Nottingham!!!” You couldn’t have stopped them if you’d tried!! 5/5”

“Ginger may have been Hey! Hello!’s marquee name, but New York singer Victoria Liedtke was the real star. Oozing attitude like a young Debbie Harry, she traded lines with her Geordie foil, making their self-titled debut the year’s greatest scuzz-pop confection.”

“Heads up, this is one of those albums you are going to listening to over and over again!”

“This really is an absolutely brilliant album.”

“This is a great Pop Rock album 8/10”

“What you’ll find here are 10 tracks of some of the best written and played Hard Rock, Power pop, Punk, whatever you wanna call it, but the fact remains that it sounds bloody great!”

“Nonstop unfiltered sonic ecstasy crashing in waves of a classic wall of sound filling every spare space of this tidy 36 minutes to the point that finishing it in one sitting leaves you with the telltale sore throat of a sleepover sugar binge.”

“Mischievous, infectious and yet undeniably pure, this is music as good as it gets. 10/10”

“Since annoying the hell out of my mother with relentless table tapping and leg playing from the age of five, I’ve always been a frustrated drummer.”

“we both feel that pop is something to be embraced and loved.”

“The result is one big box of shiny hooks, all baited with ear-worms you just don't want to dig out. 4.5/5”

“Without the backing of a major label, Hey! Hello! is outselling Daft Punk's Random Access Memories and Justin Timberlake's The 20/20 Experience.”

“This is the aural equivalent of Space Dust; it makes your ears pop with tunes, or should that be TUNES!?”

“A fan-funded debut album by a little-known duo looks set to break into the charts on Sunday after outselling the likes of Justin Timberlake and Daft Punk.”

“catchy melodies and singalong choruses combined with the finest power pop sensibilities and a rock outlook meld perfectly throughout. 10/10”

“This combination of melody and drive makes for an album that's ridiculously big, overblown, and super fun.”

“First there were four, soon there were eight, and in no time I was demo-ing ten new sonic babies, bashing on an electronic d-drum kit in a small studio deep within the Midlands.”

“power pop with perfection”

“This record should be required backyard barbecue listening by law. So much fun! 9.5/10”

“It is the perfect accompaniment to the summer, and will live on long after the sun has gone. 4/5”

“Radiating Magic with Victoria Liedtke (Interview)”

"Hey! Hello! claim No.1 spot"

“Ten Brilliant Songs.. A truly special album. 10/10”

“Perfect pop songs with extra bite”

“Perhaps the best and most real punk rock song in a long, long time... "How I Survived The Punk Wars" off of the Hey! Hello! record actually stunned me.”

“Hey! Hello! is everything that is good about rock with pop sensibility. It’s all big choruses, bouncing and bounding riffs, bubblegum sweetness turned up to diabetes inducing levels without sacrificing any of the ball kicking rock ‘n’ roll edge”

“A perfect 'noisy pop' album 5/5”

“Hey! Hello! is the perfect record to make you feel like it isn’t freezing outside and let you bask in the sun emanating from your speakers.”

“an album jammed packed with hit after hit 5/5”