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He Whose Ox is Gored / Press

“My first (and perhaps only) great surprise of the weekend. I'm a dilettante here, but this is the kind of metal-ish band that I can dig: slow and heavy, intricate riffing but also given to atmospheric touches (that 12-tiered keyboard station had to be doing something right), and fucking loud. Would do business with again.”

“Let me clarify some things for you. H.W.O.I.G. is not a thrash band, a death metal band, a sludge band, or a hardcore band, not even close. They are loud without exception and dark without compromise, at times resembling the space and depth of local favorites Sleepy Eyes of Death and at other times taking on a rhythm and tone similar to that of Isis or Torche.”

“For a band with an Old Testament–inspired name referencing gutting chattel... and music much heavier than most of what you'll hear in the precious sound of the zeitgeist, Ox is an awfully upbeat bunch.”

“Killer Seattle rock band He Whose Ox Is Gored co-hosted the show tonight and play a whole bunch of rad and heavy music. See ‘em play the Capitol Hill Block Party, too! They play the Neumos stage on Saturday, July 23.”

“Prior to this, the only thing I knew about local band He Whose Ox Is Gored was that they had solid sticker placement. For months, I saw their bold band logo right at eye level above urinals all throughout the city. Turns out they fucking rule. Here's ten minutes of their set from Saturday. Props for rocking this hard at 2 p.m.”

““He Whose Ox Is Gored.” Great name, great band. If I had to compare them to another band, they sounded somewhat similar to Isis or maybe Pelican. However, they didn’t really sound like Isis or Pelican either. They are unique. I hope they come play in Ashland someday.”

“Explosions In The Sky is one of my most anticipated shows, and its amazing to have them here…I have tried for a couple of years to get them... Also excited to see both Sports, Craft Spells, live. And He Whose Ox Is Gored, so yeah I am stoked to see them live too.”

“Seattle heavy-rock highbrows He Whose Ox Is Gored continue to get their web-savvy grind on with OxScan 2.0, an ingenious method by which you can download their latest masterwork for free or a fee of your choosing!”

“I just saw this while checking out blogs for my band Shiplosion. A Seattle band, He Whose Ox is Gored, did what I was going to write about. They used YouTube to promote their upcoming show in a hilarious way. This cool video got featured in the local paper’s blog. I’m pissed because I thought I was being cool and original thinking about promoting shows with YouTube. But these guys did it better than I would have.”

“We sat down a few days ago to look through the entire schedule that CHBP has put together for us. The bands we're most excited to see are Land of Pines, Lumineers, Explosions in the Sky, Buster Blue, Fresh and Onlys, Handsome Furs and He Whose Ox is Gored.”

“You can only attend one day of the Capitol Hill Block Party, which one do you want?” That was the question posed to me. With sets from great bands like Battles, Explosions in the Sky, Grynch, Cold Cave, Champagne Champagne, and He Whose Ox Is Gored spread over the Seattle festival’s three days, how does one choose?”

“A couple of other bands that have the potential to save Seattle from folk and video game music are the Absolute Monarchs and He Whose Ox is Gored. The latter is an ultra-heavy Melvins-meets-Murder City Devils band with lead vocals which are every bit as radio-unfriendly as Buzz and Spencer’s, but which make for one hell of a live show.”

“Local band He Whose Ox is Gored are proving to not only be a sonic musical force but also pretty creative when it comes to promoting and marketing their music as well. Enter OxScan2.0, a video tutorial where the band instructs you how to "steal" their music by unlocking info from GR codes posted around town using your favorite smart phone bar code scanner app.”

“Seattle’s biblically-named post-hardcore band He Whose Ox Is Gored fills the KEXP live room with a smart, thick and heavy sonic atmosphere.”

“The stilted syntax of the name He Whose Ox Is Gored and the absurd pretentiousness of it make this Seattle quartet stand out in the blizzard of not-so-interesting nomenclature you see spattered on flyers and in club ads. Anyone with an eye trained to seek out the unusual would have to be intrigued. Thankfully, the group's sound bears a similarly exceptional quality, fusing doom metal, shoegaze rock, and hardcore—with goth undertones and even house-music rhythmic throb occasionally sneaking into the mix.”

“He Whose Ox is Gored was killer as well, and no I will not talk about their name and its biblical reference, because its played and doesn't fucking matter. What matters is last night they were so amazingly loud that bits and pieces were crumbling and failing from the ceiling. The bands massive doom-laden and synth-heavy post-rock sound is unique in these parts, and I definitely recommend seeing them live.”

“Seattle's own He Whose Ox is Gored jump-started Saturday's binge drinking by sounding SOOO fucking epic on that amazing Neumos sound system. The room filled in nicely throughout their early afternoon set too which was awesome and certainly a testament of how impressive Ox sounded with Brothers of the Sonic Cloth drummer John O’Connell filling in for the afternoon.”

“He Whose Ox Is Gored are actually pretty fantastic. At times, they make me think of a less poppy Torche. Like Torche, they walk the line between rock and hardcore. On one hand, the vocals are intense—usually delivered with an almost inaudible scream (as with so many hardcore bands), yet their heavy breakdowns (reminiscent of Isis, even) are sandwiched between some rock-and-roll guitar riffs and almost dancey synth lines.”