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“Herrick and New G7th Capo Ad”

“Herrick| Why mandolins rock The mandolin is like 70s rock extract. It’s like adding Spanish Fly to your cocktails or a tropical breeze to your speaker system. Sexy Italian petite lute progeny, this double stringed lady is harder than she looks!...”

“Pick up your copy of the April/ May issue of Relix Magazine. Herrick is featured along with a free CD Sampler. "Pain In My Heart" Track #10”

“Herrick guitarist, Jefferson Rogers Features in the Hub. Are You Experienced?”

“Herrick Hit the Major Country Chart with new single "Pain In My Heart" #68 Today”

Music Row Magazine

“Herrick is in Studio cutting their new record!”

"Do You Love Me" the first single off Herrick's albu, "New Dance" charted # 75 at Radio

Music Row Magazine

“I only needed one listen to tell you that Herrick is the real deal, and may very well contain the next great female voice of this generation in Donna Herrick...”

“When you're trying to describe a band who doesn't necessarily fit in one genre, has been together for years doing phenomenal things that other bands and artists only dream about, and the band is so tightly in sync that creativity and extraordinary musical ideas just seem to flow to you like a leaf on the edge of a lake, then you've come close to accurately identifying the musical genius of Herrick.”

"I like it, I like it. Cool, moody, minor-key tune and a dramatic, girl-gone-wrong lyric. Donnas’ lead vocal is supported by the band's ultra-haunting harmonies. Captivating!"

"The group's intricate harmonies are the icing on the cake, if you will, of a sound that merges "the best of folk, rock, blues and country." The result thereof is a musical style that breaks from the country mold to forge a direction all the lineup's own."

Nashville Country Music Examiner

“Now, you can add Donna Herrick to a list that includes such artists as Martina McBride, Jennifer Nettles and Dolly Parton. It's Donna's vocals that manage to set Herrick's music from other bands. With the release of the CD, "New Dance," Herrick has established itself as a high-energy band that's very diverse. The CD has a combination of country, classic rock and R&B that is very refreshing. This is one of the CDs you can just play all the way through, and listen to over and over again. This a complete album that is sure to satisfy most musical tastes. Through strong vocals, great music, and emotional lyrics, Herrick has released a winner.”

Strum Magazine

"Herrick continues to grip music fans and industry professionals alike with a dynamic live show combined with compelling songwriting and comprehensive instrumentation, posing a triple threat affair that has established the band with a stronghold on the touring circuit."

Today's Country Magazine

"Herrick is an exceptional live act that just also happen to be great songwriters... a very rare combination. Their hard-work, grit and determination are starting to pay big dividends in the way of industry attention and opportunities. We expect to see big things for this act."

Robert Weingartz, CEO - Airplay Direct