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Heidi Barton Stink / Press

“She is not just a great “queer rapper”, she is the real deal. She is an emcee’s emcee.”

“Heidi is an underground rapper who describes issues met by the trans and queer communities, respectively.”

“Heidi raps about shit no one else is talking about. Underground hip-hop at its core, she weaves social injustice and the resistant trans and queer folks into her lyrics.”

“If MC/rapper Heidi Barton Stink has you take one thing away about her from her EP The Familiar Pattern, it’s that she’s a good-to-great rapper. The most glowing attribute about her, it’s only after her skills are recognized that it’s necessary to note that she self-identifies as a transgendered female. While it’s as important and shown in her work as marijuana is to Devin the Dude and 9/11 conspiracies are to Immortal Technique, the understanding and attention shown to the craft of MCing makes her a “rapper who is transgendered” rather than “a transgendered person who raps.” It’s not a “Homo-Hop” record, it’s a rap record, and a good one at that.”

“HipHop is great because it has a strong emphasis on lyrics which offers the ability to say directly what you are trying to convey in a catchy way. If you can get people to bob their heads to something, they'll listen to what you have to say. HipHop spoke to me growing up, and I started rapping long before I was ready to come out as trans, and now I have something I want to be heard.”

“Her work as a queer- and trans-identifying MC certainly breaks the pattern of hypermasculine—and often grossly homophobic—hip-hop. Featuring production and guest appearances by Soce the Elemental Wizard, Skullbuster, and others, The Familiar Pattern goes far beyond the catchphrases of most so-called "conscious rap," targeting audiences and injustices with lyrical dexterity and focused rage.”