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“This July, Heather Waters flows through the Garden Route en-route her Sunshine Coast Tour 2014, spreading her messages of inspiration, determination and love through her contagious melodies and beautifully crafted lyrics. Heather is like a ray of light and her music the best medicine so be sure to catch one of her shows for a heart-warming, toe-tapping experience!”

“WATERS FOLK ROCK COLLECTIVE COMES TO KNYSNA ''It’s the collective awareness and involvement that makes the Heather Waters Music Experience what it is.'' '' Waters’ live performances are always full of good wit and energy – Waters’ Folk Rock Collective this summer, will include Heather Waters (vocals & guitar) David dos Santos (percussion), Altan Ungerer (bass), Marcia Ungerer (backing vocals), feat. Julian Bach (vocals & guitar). ''”

“Sometimes it’s easy to forget the purpose of the things we do in life, the essence of what drew us there in the first place.We forget to taste, touch, see, smell and hear.I was fortunate enough to be invited to join in on Heather Water’s East Coast tour last year in SA and even as a musician, this reminded me of all the senses I had-how one must not forget to experience music tasting, touching, seeing, smelling and of course hearing.Experiencing part of the tour with her inspired me as a musician and person and reawakened many dormant senses!!! Every soul relates to her honest, captivating and catchy lyrics and her songs give you no choice but to feel your darkness and your light, to indulge and embrace in the honesty of that feeling and to really immerse yourself in the moment, in the experience.This is what music is all about.Heather’s attitude and love for song puts her right up there with many musical greats.It’s like there’s a secret to unlocking a song, and she knows th”

“Folk-rocker Waters rocks Plettenberg Bay!! Folk-rock musician Heather Waters returned to the Garden Route for three performances over the Easter weekend.Well-known for her annual tours along the South African backpackers’ route,performing at various venues where she promotes awareness and raises funds for local development-focused community projects in these areas, this most recent visit saw Waters accompanied by Nick Kuiper..."We toured yhis time as an acoustic duo," said Waters. In the last seven years,Waters has been on the move,performing her foot-tapping,guitar-driven compositions not only in parts of SA,but also in&around countries such as the UK,Corsica,Majorca and the Mediterranean regions.In2010,she&two of her band members formed a trio and performed at many of the FIFA World Cup events.Waters’ live performances have been described as "energetic", "animated" and "thought provoking" by audience members.”

"Heather Waters reminds us of the days when music was important. When words meant something, and rythyms moved our souls as well as our bodies. Heather has been performing at Surf Cafe as part of her tours, for four years. She's always punctual and has never let us down for a gig, which is as important to us as her music is. As a band they are always well rehearsed and never feel like they've slapped a few tunes together to make a gig. Heather is a real musician and has the full package neccessary to make it in the world of music today: Mad musical skills, reliability and a proficiency in marketing herself and her band. She ensures people know who she is and what she's about through posters, flyers and the all important social media mechanisms of today. In a nutshell: she rocks! Blue Cowling, Surf Cafe, Plettenberg Bay, SOUTH AFRICA

Blue Cowling - Co-Owner, Surf Cafe, Plettenberg Bay

“THE CAMPERVAN COLLECTIVE. Volume 1 The title of the new album refers to the Collective Experience that makes Heather Waters music what it is. Here she pays tribute to the eclectic mix of musicians, roadies, friends and photographers that have been a part of her tours and music. The album is a great package, oh yes! It’s a collection of catchy songs and thought-provoking lyrics, but what makes it unique is that it comes with a collection of perfectly selected photo’s so that you can choose which album cover you want to use! The buzz around Heather’s new album derives from the simple fact that she is a brilliant songwriter. Her songs and performances burn with the energy that was commonplace back in the 1960’s. Waters sings of ‘revolution’ and entertains audiences with her foot-tapping folk songs, satires, and lyrical humour in a style nostalgic and unique ”

“Waters on the move again!”

“HEATHER WATERS * NEW ALBUM RELEASE * The buzz around Heather’s new album derives from the simple fact that she is a brilliant songwriter. Her songs and performance burn with energy that was commonplace back in the 1960’s. Waters sings of ‘love revolution’ and entertains audiences with her foot-tapping folk songs and satires, while ethereally captivating them with her serious side''”

“Top local musicians band together to keep Heather Waters walking The Nameless Pub, Main Road Somerset West, Sunday 30 June, 3pm – 10pm, R20 Entrance”

“Arno Carstens To Headline Heather Waters Benefit-Gala British-born folk songstress and humanitarian diagnosed with acute peripheral neuropathy”

“What happens when someone who has dedicated her time and energy to helping the community, now in turn, needs our help? Keep Walking Heather Waters! Read more...”