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Heather Thornton / Press

"Heather Thornton really means the first lines of her new album “Obvious”: “You should plan on staying here all night/I’ve got a lot of things to say to you,” she sings in the jazz-clubby “My Love Is Free.” It’s good advice because the album doesn’t lend itself to disappearing into the background. It’s an active listen that touches on a lot of musical bases over the course of its 10 original tracks. That opener, written by Thornton herself, is driven as much by Caleb Aldrich’s smooth sax accompaniment as the sprightly lead vocal and clever turns of phrase. The mysterious “Obvious” is the album’s first foray into a distinctive show tunes vibe. Its spare arrangement of piano and minimal drums, accented by a sexily stuttering trumpet solo by E.E. Pointer, mashes with Thornton’s precise and intimate vocal to produce a recording that might well have originated in a creative theater workshop." Read more....http://www.inkkc.com/content/new-music-our-take-heath

“Here's the scoop on the acoustic acts, courtesy of Crystal Wiebe: The upstairs battle was all-acoustic. The winner was the day's final performer, Heather Thornton, whose level of showmanship blew away her competition. Exhibiting zero fear of the stage, Thornton owned the crowd from the moment she took over the mic. She urged the audience to keep the donations to HRC coming and, between songs, managed to find ties between her lyrical themes and the purpose of the evening.Thornton played more original songs than some earlier contestants. Her musical style is a bit like traditional singer-songwriter meets world, meets cabaret. She plays the keyboard and sings, accompanied by a djembe player. A highlight of her set was her final tune, an "unconventional love song," for which the hooky refrain is "fuck off."”