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Hawklords / Press

“While we've seen conglomerations of former Hawkwind members playing interpretations of Hawk standards before, few have cut new material together. Nik Turner's brigade of Hawks, Space Ritual, offered up Otherworld and ticked most boxes, but We Are One - from a band including Harvey Bainbridge and Steve Swindells from the original Hawklords, Adrian Shaw from the classic Quark, Strangeness & Charm-era group, and 90s comrades Ron Tree and Jerry Richards, goes further in developing its own strand of Hawk-lore. The original 1978 Hawklords project was a Bob Calvert and Barney Bubbles concept on the plight of the individual in an increasingly technological society. This resurrection of the name doesn't particularly tread the same path and, generally, avoids reliance on past glories. There are, however, nods to previous Hawk-styles and an overarching environmentalism that, though heavy-handed in places, nonetheless invokes a Hawkwind ethos. We Are One touches on early Damned and Stranglers, too”

“Spacerockers The Hawklords fire up the engines and embark on an extensive UK tour beginning in October and stretching on throughout October and into November. The band will be promoting their latest album We Are One which will be available to purchase from the Merchandise stall on the tour. The album is available both on CD and Limited Edition Vinyl. The Vinyl album will be limited to just 500 copies so a real collectors item.”

“'It's been a long time coming, but worth the wait. The album has the raw energy of early Hawkwind. It's not a polished and sterile production, thank god, but the studio capture of the madness evident on recent tours. To expand: I've seen The Hawklords twice in recent years, they have been a breath of fresh air. Full of life and joy, and yes, a little bit of insanity, and this album captures that exuberance perfectly. Even after all this time there is innocence and freedom present in abundance. ***** Wonderful.'”

“'The trippy “Is It A Dream?” is probably Ron’s best track on the album and the set closes with another strong song, the upbeat Tree/Constable co-write “Spark in The Dark”. It took a few listens to get to grips with but it looks like a worthy addition to the family canon .”

“'Ron’s “Wake Up” is a good deal more compelling than “Global Warning”, with another set of apocalyptic lyrics that make marginally more sense and a greater urgency in the music - which simultaneously recalls Steve Swindells’ “Bitter and Twisted” and the original Hawklords’ “Psi Power” without necessarily being quite as good as either. “Water Drum” (Bainbridge/Shaw) is a so-so instrumental, starting out gentle and pastoral and wandering off into percussive electronic silliness. The tail end of the album though is a revelation, with the lightness of touch evident on the best tracks of the real Hawklords album and a generous drenching of keyboard sounds which shows just how much some of the rest of the album misses Steve Swindells’ input. “Event Horizon” is one of those rare Hawk instrumentals which features extended soloing (the middle section of “Lost Chronicles” is another that comes to mind), with Jerry stretching out over a laid back instrumental t”

“'Short and brief. I guess I shouldn't have been suprised at how good We Are One was, even on the first listen, as these are ex HW members and polished performers in their own right. It's a pretty tight album and they deserve five stars for this one, I was impressed. Enough Said.”

“'Firstly, there are many people who are saying The Hawklords are not actually The Hawklords, so, how many original members does it take to constitute the real deal? Yes, thought so, that would also mean that Hawkwind are actually The Dave Brock Band (which is closer to the truth). So, i have actually bought this CD, and have taken the time to listen to it at least 4 times before writing a review, i have also seen them twice (2011) and will see them twice again later this year. I'm not going to go and review every track, all i have to say about the CD is that if you are a fan of mid 1970's Robert Calvert era HW, you will not be disappointed, Ron Tree is the closest you will every get to Bob, he is a brilliant front man, and with Harvey tinkering away in the background, the ingredients are just right. Just buy the CD, play it a few times, and i guarantee, you WILL love it.' *****”

“We Are One: as different to that which preceded it, to that which follows… Comprising all brand new material, the album features key former Hawkwind personnel: the legendary synth man Harvey Bainbridge, keyboard wizard Steve Swindells, the rocking guitar of Jerry Richards, punk poet Ron Tree on vocals, the barnstorming bass of Adrian Shaw, plus Dave Pearce from The Bevis Frond on drums. The album, both CD and vinyl formats, will be available on the forthcoming European & UK Tour dates The band will be performing new and classic material down the ages – 2 hour set with digital light show by Big Dave’s Lighthouse. The European & UK Tour 2012 kicks off in Belgium, at The Spirit of 66 on September 18th and culminates in a concert promoted by AGMP at the prestigious Islington Assembly Halls, London, on Friday 9th November.”

“'Then we had Steve singing Shot Down in the Night and it was just like Live ’79 but better because I was there. Ron did quirky, twitchy dancing when he wasn’t singing, and did more grinning. After Robot they did Children of the Sun which I TOTALLY failed to recognise despite it being on one of the albums I play the most! Jerry switched to acoustic guitar for this (as he did for Psi Power).' 'It was a fantastic show and I will see them again like a shot. At first I thought maybe Hawkwind should be a bit rockier like that now and again, but they are a different band, and writing new songs still (albeit less frequently these days) so I suppose it just gives me twice the band to see and I should be happy with that. So, onward flies the Hawk, whichever one it is.'”

“'Five minutes early they came on stage, Nik, Harvey, Jerry, Alan, Steve and Jack (probably) and launched into a pounding Aerospaceage Inferno. About 30 seconds later, Ron came on in a ridiculous (fashionable) spiked helmet covered in blackbird wings and feathers and a head. I suppose it could have been a crow. Anyway, despite having all the lyrics on a music stand in front of him (which he kept dropping accidentally or knocking over in an endearing manner) he sounded pretty like Bob. This was the first time I had seen him live and I wished I had seen more of him when he was with Hawkwind. He is an excellent front man. Jerry referred to him as tonight’s Number One Singer which made him grin like a fool.'”

“ Hawklords, Oxford O2 Academy 20th October 2011 (Thanks to Andrew Greenwood for this gig review and accompanying photos). ' This is what Hawkwind is supposed to be like. Seven people rocking away on stage like Ragnarök. No one using a laptop. Plenty of Harvey’s noodling noises. Musicians grinning and having a laugh, sometimes looking at Harvey asking what the Hell that sound is. More rocking; Jerry’s guitar ringing like a bell, his fingers blasting out the riffs without seeming to touch the strings.'”

“Already well over an hour into the set, next up is ‘Quark, Strangeness And Charm’, and the stage is now set for one hell of a finale as they roar into the final descent with the inevitable renditions of what are arguably Nik Turner’s finest moments ‘Master Of The Universe’ and ‘Brainstorm’, before finally concluding with an original Hawklords number ’25 Years’. A fantastic end to a truly memorable evening at The Barrel, although admittedly the cider is now starting to take its toll so maybe it’s just as well. I wonder if they’d come and play in my local if I ask nicely?”

“Other old favourites are duly despatched, such as ‘Spirit Of The Age’, a barnstorming version of ‘Flying Doctor’, and the marvellously sprawling ‘Steppenwolf’ – always a showcase for Turner’s expansive sax work. You’ve got to hand it to Turner, not only is he really one of life’s good guys, you have to admire his stamina too: now 70 years old he still has the energy of a person less than half his age. It’s also testament to his redoubtable stage presence that songs that he didn’t originally play on now really benefit from his inimitable saxophone playing, particularly ‘Psi Power’. Then all eyes are on Harvey Bainbridge for a “brain chewing” version of ‘Dream Worker’, which is intensified further by the swirling psychedelic light projections. These days looking for all the world like some kind of mad professor or an errant Timelord, Bainbridge was an original Hawklord in 1978 and mainstay of the Hawkwind line-up until 1991.”

“In the first of several changeovers, bassist Alan ‘Boomer’ Davey steps aside for Adrian Shaw who assumes bass duties on the slower ‘(Only) The Dead Dreams Of The Cold War Kid’, replete with lilting flute accompaniment from Nik Turner. Suffering from a throat infection, Tree’s vocals feel the strain a little handling such a melodic song, but elsewhere throughout the set he does a commendable job. Then they’re off with a rush of adrenaline as Bristol's prodigal son Steve Swindells takes the spotlight for a rousing ‘Shot Down In The Night’, provoking an enthusiastic sing-a-long from the heaving throng. Continued audience participation is guaranteed with an intense version of ‘Robot’, but if you’re in search of space maaaan, respite comes in the form of the plaintive ‘Children Of The Sun’ – Jerry Richards switches to acoustic guitar and Nik Turner alternates between lead vocals and a haunting flute solo.”

“When the band finally takes to the stage and launches into an old Bob Calvert Captain Lockheed and The Starfighters number, ‘The Aerospace Age Inferno’ the crowd erupts. These guys don’t just do “old” though and ‘Digital Age’ - a Jerry Richards song from his other outfit Earthlab - maintains the tempo, before the motorik classic ‘You Shouldn’t Do That’ segues back into another recent composition ‘Addicted To You’.”

“Steve Swindells, one of the original Hawklords’ keyboard players, explained the circumstances surrounding the choice of venue before the gig: not only did he grow up locally, he was contacted by an ardent fan of the band who asked them to play at his local pub. It’s also their way of saying thank you to all the people who have supported them over the last three years since getting together initially as a one-off Bob Calvert memorial gig in Herne Bay. Since then the Hawklords have also played a high profile gig at the 229 Club in London – a tribute to Barney Bubbles, the legendary graphic artist and designer of many Hawkwind and Hawklords record covers and stage sets. The success of the 229 gig prompted a UK tour in the spring of 2010, which in turn has now encouraged an even more extensive tour this autumn, including a very successful European leg of which the band completed just before embarking upon the UK dates.”

“Highlights of the set included a frantic 'Shot Down in the Night', the chilled out flower power of 'Children of the Sun', the classic pop rock of 'Spirit of the Age', and the awesome 'Masters of the Universe' which surely has one of the all time great rock riffs and prompted numerous bouts of dancing around the hall. The dancing and headbanging continued for '25 Years' (the track not the length of time !) and a thunderous 'Brainstorm', closing a truly spectacular show in some style, impressed with how much this band really rocks as well as of course adding the expected elements of dance music and punk to the sound. In a line-up full of top musicians and top characters (not least Mr Turner) a special mention to Jerry Richards for his top draw work on the rocking riffs, Harvey Bainbridge's keyboard and synthesiser work and the lead vocals of the charismatic and spectacularly dressed Ron Tree. Two very different bands, one fabulous evenings music and entertainment. ”

“Headliners the Hawklords - who consist partly of former members of space rock pioneers Hawkwind and were first put together in the late 1970's - delivered a fabulous performance of sheer power, full of driving rhythms and hypnotic beats, a full on wall of sound enhanced by a huge screen at the rear of the stage projecting spectacular images to compliment the music which included psychedelic patterns, robots and a huge eye. The material was all Hawkwind or Hawkwind related and mostly on the heavier side of that bands material with all manner of strange and atmospheric sound effects used effectively between numbers, the band included in its line up the legendary Nik Turner on the sax and flutes as well as occasionally lead vocals. ”

“ Just to say thanks again for sorting out places on Thornbury guest list for wife & myself. We had a great evening, haven't been to many a gig as good as that in recent years - an amazing & special evening. Wishing you & the rest of the band all the best for the future. Nick”

Nick Dawson - Nick Dawson

“Well let me tell ya the Hawklords were absolutely AWESOME! What a magnificent gig in a fantastic venue (The Assembly in Leamington Spa)! Got to meet some friends I haven't seen for awhile and it was an all round marvellous evening! I'm gonna try and catch 'em again!!!”

“Hawklords may be an off-shoot of the actual band but technically they ARE Hawkwind these days, with only surviving original member Dave Brock on his own course and seemingly short on links to the past. Indeed the fact that you find such a core mix of key ex-members from over 40 plus years is a testament to just how much validity they have to claim that heritage. Nik Turner, Alan Davey, Harvey Bainbridge, Steve Swindells, Jerry Richards, Danny Thompson and the delightful mess that is Ron Tree have all made significant contributions to the heady history of this most beloved of space rock bands, none more so than Nik Turner who (love him or hate him) embodies the spirit of the original line-up more than any other. Alan Davey and Harvey Bainbridge are key ex-members who helped develop the band thorough several different era’s and styles so there is no doubt that they have all the knowing ingredients to make your trip a pleasant one.”

“Steve Swindells' much loved classic ‘Shot Down in the Night’ also made an appearance, giving Jerry Richards the spotlight for some fantastic liquid guitar runs. The band would no doubt have played on, but due to the venue’s 11pm curfew the Hawkship was forced to end it’s flight thru space for the evening, Jerry Richards neatly summing up by saying “25 years in 5 minutes” and it ended with a definitive version of ‘25 years’.”

“'The Leicester gig was superb, my first visit to Hawklords. I have been watching Hawkwind for 40 years including the recent tour and you guys showed the current lineup how it should be done. Great set, superb playing and oh those riffs....cue glazing over!! Keep up the great work and thanks.'”

Richard Lloyd - Richard Lloyd

“ Deux gaufres (la friterie ferme à 20h00 !), une paire de bières et nous voilà prêts pour le voyage. Les HAWKLORDS sont sur scène. Physiquement, ils ont pris un sacré coup de vieux. Nik Turner fait papy, un papy espiègle qui n’a rien perdu de sa verve au saxo. Harvey Bainbrige donne aussi dans le nouvel âge et s’amuse toujours avec ses machines. Plus jeune, Ron Tree est d’une maigreur presque effrayante, le transformant quasiment un mort vivant agité de soubresauts. Jerry Richards à la gratte semble intemporel tout comme Steve Swindells caché derrière ses claviers. Un peu coincé entre sax et claviers, Adrian Shaw remplace au pied levé Alan Davey en tournée aux States et à la batterie, officie Danny Thomson (ex-HAWKWIND, ex BEDOUIN...). Un équipage sans le capitaine officiel, Dave Brock... un remake sonore des Révoltés du Bounty mais dans l'espace... C’est Warrior of the Edge of Time qui ouvre le space opéra. Très vite, les aficionados d’HAWKWIND baignent”

“Hawklords is in 1978 opgericht door leden van de toen net uit elkaar gevallen spacerock band Hawkwind. Omdat ze om juridische redenen de naam Hawkwind niet konden gebruiken brachten de mannen van Hawkwind dat jaar onder de naam Hawklords de plaat "25 Years On" uit. Met deze plaat onder de arm tourde Hawklords in de laatste jaren van de 70's veelvuldig totdat in 1980 Hawkwind onder de oude naam de draad weer oppikte. In 2009 blazen toetsenist en mede Hawkwind-oprichter Nik Turner en ex-Hawkwind zanger Ron Tree Hawklords nieuw leven in. Met Steve Swindells en Harvey Bainbridge op keyboards, Alan Davey op bas, Danny Thompson op drums en gitarist Jerry Richards, allen ex-Hawkwind wordt een imponerend en legendarisch spacerock gezelschap bijeengebracht. Compleet met lasers en een digitaal geprojecteerde lichtshow zorgt Hawklords voor een terugkeer van de true spirit of the Hawk in de Piek.”

“The show that was shot on six MiniDVD cameras is a real joy to watch, even though only some of the cameras were of HD standard. Jerry Richards has done an excellent job in his Earth Lab studios and he was also not afraid to use a bit shaky, hand-held film material from the audience. The psychedelic lightshow and spacey projections are naturally an important part of the whole cosmic experience. The visual end result might be just a little bit raw but it sure works great with the music! And the most important thing on a video like this still is the sound quality which is excellent. I really would have liked to go to this show myself, but when you watch and listen to this DVD you can easily get into the space vibes of the show later on, as well.”

“In summary, this is a very nice and highly enjoyable, region free pal format DVD and it’s obvious that the performers gave all they got. They had actually rehearsed for this show although things don’t always go absolutely as planned. The combination of two keyboard/synth players guarantees very spacey soundscapes and it’s clear that both the band and the audience were having fun. Even though this release was fully executed by the band members and their close family this is not some hasty, amateurish piece of junk but a first-rate release. The DVD comes in a CD styled, three-panel digi-pack that includes a 12-page booklet with lyrics to all the songs, amazing graphics and small pictures. You can also find live and tour poster pics on the DVD that can only be obtained straight from the band (hawklords@hotmail.co.uk). Hawklords will be on tour this autumn and you should definitely try to go see them…”

“That's great 'Stefano Swindellini!' I love your sense of humour too! You're a great family full of energy and sympathy!”

“Issued by Black Widow on vinyl in a fantastic package with a gatefold poster cover (just like the legendary Space Ritual), the Barney Bubbles Memorial Benefit Concert contains Psi Power, a Hawklords favourite, together with some of the great, classic space rock songs of Hawkwind (Born to Go, Brainstorm, Master of the Universe, Sonic Attack) in super psychedelic versions and played with an energy that leaves everyone stunned, thanks to the strong and pounding rhythm section. Nik Turner, now seventy, singing with a spirited voice, plays the sax and flute freeing-up those cosmic melodies as dazzling stars. The secret of his eternal youth is in this music, in the freedom which it embodies and in the endless journey of life celebrated here.”

“Authors of the wonderful “25 years on” (1978) The Dave Brock and Bob Calvert Hawklords was only a parenthesis in the life of Hawkwind. Crazy Nik Turner was never part of this project, but nowadays we would not imagine anyone else to drive the new Hawklords, a gang of hardened old freaks (Harvey Bainbridge, Alan Davey, Adrian Shaw, Steve Swindells, Jerry Richards, Ron Tree and Dave Thompson) who joined together for a concert to remember his friend Barney Bubbles, who died in 1983, the brilliant designer for Hawkwind/Hawklords and creator of many of their most inventive scenarios.”

“The name Hawklords has nothing to do with the 1979 album - this line-up comprises players down through time, including Alan Davey, Harvey Bainbridge, Steve Swindells, Adrian Shaw, Ron Tree and Dan Thompson. The sound they make, good and loud and excellent quality, has all the whooshing, churning, squeaking and honking that you'd expect from prime-period Hawkwind. Through a classic Space Ritual set - unusually featuring 'Steppenwolf' as a nod to Bob Calvert - the band are on top form. A fitting testament to both Calvert and Bubbles, wouldn't it be great if this went some way to healing the rifts between factions?”

“Made available by the band themselves with thanks to guitarist Jerry Richards's Earthlab films and the miracle of DVD, Barney's gig can now go some way to reaching the audience the great man deserves. Opening with an inauspicious longshot of the stage, it looks as if this could be marred by the technical deficiences that plague so many live videos. But once the band kick into opener 'Born to Go' and more camera angles come into play, such fears are easily set aside, the wonderfully trippy lightshow brought vividly to life.”

“'The Barney Bubbles DVD is best Hawk-DVD ever. Period!' Doug Smith”

Doug Smith - Ex-manager News

“'Synth player Harvey Bainbridge and synth-guru Steve Swindells sound as ‘Wind-like as ever.'”

“There are some amazing tracks on this dvd, all bathed in psychedelic swirlyness (if such a word exists). Orgone Accumulator: Steve Swindels, Man this guy is legend and on Orgone he is rocking out on the keyboard. I think I saw him dancing at one point! 9/10 You Shouldn't do that/Addicted to You: Another favorite of mine and I cranked up the volume on this one. Fantastic old skool style. The band look like they are really enjoying themselves on this and I can't imagine any one who was there not dancing along. Alan Davey plays at the edge, his fingers pounding on the bass. TOTAL SONIC SPACE ROCK DESTRUCTION 10/10. Steppenwolf: OMG!? WTF is the mime guy doing on stage. It reminds me of Coil's amazing fluffy white suit period. Harvey really kicks it with his synth blasts on this and Adrian Shaw is pure lounge music class. TOTAL SONIC SPACE ROCK DESTRUCTION 10/10. Overall: EPIC. TOTAL SONIC SPACE ROCK DESTRUCTION. 9/10. A fitting tribute to the late great Barney Bubbles. RIP”

“The occasional split screen production and the changing cameras are expertly done and enhance the whole experience. This is a great DVD, of a great concert, for a great cause. The music is very true to the original Hawkwind 'Space Ritual' album (which is, and has always been, in my top ten albums of all time), though with this collection of very accomplished musicians putting their unique and unforgettable stamp on it. The ghosts of the original are finally put to bed on this stunning effort. ”

“The rhythm section of Davey and Thompson is assured and enhanced by the added depth of Bainbridge and Swindells magic. Jerry Richards has many moments throughout; from driving the rhythm to leading the charge; all very dynamically. The sound is consistently clear throughout, as on the drifting chords and big atmospheres of 'Seven By Seven' and the pounding rhythm and eerie sweeps of 'You Shouldn't Do That'. Finishing off the set with 'Steppenwolf' and the (predictable) chorus of 'Silver Machine', the band is deservedly allowed to leave the stage.”

“As for who is on the DVD, that would be Nik Turner, Alan Davey, Danny Thompson, Ron Tree, Jerry Richards, Harvey Bainbridge, Steve Swindells and Adrian Shaw. Of these, only Harvey and Steve were ever in the real Hawklords, of course, but all of them have a sound pedigree as ex-members of Hawkwind, with the weight of their time on board the mothership being concentrated on the 1980’s and 90’s. And so you might think that they would turn in a performance redolent of that era and material, or might perhaps attempt to replicate the late 70’s ethos that their assumed name would suggest. But this is a big surprise: instead, what they have done is something for which many Hawkwind fans have been yearning for years. They have resurrected the 1972 Space Ritual Alive set, and approach, and done it with aplomb.”

“t only seems like yesterday that I interviewed Hawklords and then saw them live at the Cheese and Grain for their impressive live show, yet it was over a year ago. Now to remind us of the power of Hawklords, we have the Barney Bubbles DVD recorded at the 229 Club, London in November 2009. The DVD comes complete with artwork by Bob Walker, in a triple fold-out digi-pack sleeve which includes a 12-page info booklet. This release, direct from the band, is presented in 16:9 widescreen picture aspect in region-free PAL format, with digitally recorded multi-track Hi-Fi sound. On-screen selection includes moving picture song menus and concert slideshows by John Chase, Adrian Arbib and Dave Easthope.”

“The whole thing seems to have been organised, managed and released by the band themselves. The DVD is only available direct from the Paypal account of Dave Roberts, their merchandising guru (purchasing information at the end of the review) and looking at the credits on the DVD, just about everyone involved seems to be recognisable as an associate of Nik’s Space Ritual / Inner City Unit camp. You might therefore say it’s homegrown, but what the package lacks in gloss it makes up for in comprehensiveness. For twenty quid, you get the DVD, of about an hour and a half’s duration (plus a bonus feature of still shots and gig posters), which comes in a CD-style digipak case, printed in full colour with new graphics and a few smallish photos. There’s also a 12-page booklet containing the lyrics to every song on the DVD, a few more photos, the credits and some thematically appropriate graphics. ”

"Just got my Barney Bubbles dvd, awesome job, fantastic gig and the quality of the sound and the picture are amazing. A fitting tribute to an incredible, mind-boggling man."

Mark Roberts - Mark Roberts

“just received your new DVD and although I never settle for second best :-) hence always went to Hawkwind's and Nik's live concerts in Holland and Belgium since 1975, but have to say this "cloggy" realy loves the DVD . My compliments to the band and the crew for this outstanding concert and coverage! An excellent commemoration to Barney as well which is highly appreciated! It realy is a DVD with astounding sounds; amazing music and a luvely piece of art!”

Gunar Peters - Gunar Peters

"I'm loving the new DVD of the Barney Bubbles tribute concert. I haven't watched anything else on my TV since it arrived. Hawklords should really have their own cable channel. Great performance and great job on the DVD production."

Eli Friedman - Eli Friedman

“I've really been enjoying myself this week with having the Hawklords dvd on permanent play in my dvd player. I'm very impressed with the amount work that the band and, I imagine in particular, Jerry Richards must have put into creating something of this quality so IMO it's highly recommended. Hats off to Colin A. for a fantastic recording job on the night. All this without record company backing is impressive. Unusually, the dvd comes in cd style fold out pack, which I think works really well, with Space Ritual (album) style artwork, photos, and lyrics booklet. The music is powerful and loose, but never wonders too far away from home. Personal favourites are Brainstorm, Seven by Seven, a stunning Opa-Loka, and an 'Astounding Sounds' style Steppenwolf with Ron doing the vocals and Nik adding the horns.”

Vin - Vin

“I just received this and watched it last night. I really enjoyed it immensely. Very well shot and edited, no stupid video tricks, just the band and the lightshow and the dancers, focusing mainly on the musicians. It runs over an hour and a half and seems to contain the full set performed. The audio is also great quality with no overdubs, and fortunately the playing is good enough to withstand it. There are quite a few great performances here, but Nik Turner and Ron Tree are both especially impressive, and Jerry Richards is amazing on guitar. It was also nice to see Adrian Shaw in this band. He really shines on Steppenwolf, Opa-Loka, and Master of the Universe. This is a must buy for Hawkwind fans”

ELi NY - Eli NY

"Just got the DVD today. Superb. Has to be the tightest ex-Hawkwind performance yet. Kudos to Ron!"

“Received the Hawklords dvd from you this morning - thanks very much for the super fast service! It really is an excellently produced package, sound, picuture, artwork, everything is top quality. Jerry must have spent months and months getting this together, in fact I'm amazed that something this profesional could be produced without a big record company backing. Thanks also for the mag and bits and pieces that you included. That made it the complete package. Regards, Vincent.”

Vincent - Vincent

"My DVD came today - what shall I say? Thank you for your great energy - it's a pleasure and so full of spirit from the legendary SPACE RITUAL, long may you all fly..."

Christian Appelt - Christian Appelt

"7x7" sounds mint, "Sonic Attack" has Nik Turner fully in charge, as "Master of the Universe" follows - we are being spoilt and rightly so. There are light and costume changes that fit the original band well. The old "hits" from the 70s keep coming with "Steppenwolf". "Hi Rise", which is incredible, "Assassins of Allah" and "Robot" as a blinding quartet - fuck my pre-programmed boots. There's no let up as "Psi Power" and "You Shoudn't Do That" rock the space and the place.

"And what a glorious noise they made. I was pretty much expecting a shambles, but this band have evidently put their reheasal hours in - Davey, Thompson and Swindells seemed to be keeping it in some sort of control, allowing Tree, Turner, Richards and Bainbridge to really fly."

"The setlist was incredible! All those songs you’d like to hear, but didn’t think they’d play! “Robot” and “Steppenwolf” were incredible, but for me, the highlight would probably have to be “High Rise” - I’m not sure why I love that song so much, but they did a brilliant version. Really made my night to hear a good song played so well."

“Hawkwind's mutation into The Hawklords, and back, (suggest you view it in 'Magazine' format on full screen) from 1979...”

“The fourth and final date of the Hawklords tour. Made up entirely of former members of legendary band Hawkwind, Hawklords are striving to continue producing the much loved music genre they are both synonymous with, and in fact, responsible for.”

“Mixing various instruments with a light show and smoke, and you found yourself memorised by this bands’ performance. Each of the musicians seemed to have songs which they made their own.”

“I couldn't believe it 'Orgone Accumulator' next....these songs bring back so many happy memories from the Hawkwind gigs I attended back in the 70's. It was non stop...'Sonic Attack', 'Master Of The Universe', "Steppenwolf'...just brilliant.”

“The lineup for this mini, four date tour was originally to include Harvey Bainbridge for only the Leeds gig. At the eleventh hour, he decided to perform at all of the shows. An original member of the 1978 version of Hawklords, Harvey being part of the show was the icing on the cake.”


"It’s not often that you can list someone whose music you’ve grown up listening to as a friend, but that’s what I’m lucky enough to be able to call Alan Davey. It’s thanks to him that I’ve managed to get this interview with members of Hawklords – a band consisting of members from the Hawkwind family tree. Today, these men are all about getting back to their roots, making music for the love of it and bringing the fans what they want."

“Hawklords Announce Mini-tour”


“Hawkwind: Lords of sword and sorcery Part 1”

“THE HAWKLORDS HEADLINE AN ALL-DAY BARNEY BUBBLES MEMORIAL BENEFIT CONCERT The 229 Club, 229 Great Portland Street, London, W1W 5PN Sunday 29th November, 2009 from 2 – 10pm”

“The Hawklords Headline All-Day Barney Bubbles Memorial Benefit Concert”