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Charles Xavier / Press

“We all LOVE Spaghetti Westerns like A Fistful of Dollars, For a Few Dollars More, The Good, the Bad and the Ugly and so many others. Composers such as Ennio Morricone with the twangy guitars and whistling melodies, to the gruff vocal chants and fatalistic trumpets, music and the way he was used in film would never be the same again. Xavier’s Pale Rider is a modern day interpretation of this musical genre. Yodeling choirs, dream like guitars, percussive twangs. It hauntingly draws you in with the simple 4-note theme implied on guitar with mystically magical reflections cascading in the background. Xavier’s Pale Rider is a modern day interpretation of the Spaghetti Western musical genre. DIG... http://soundcloud.com/charlesxavier/pale-rider ”

“This is one of the few albums that one must work at to enjoy. So much is going on that if you don’t pay attention every second, the experience will get away from you. It’s not a bad thing and catching up is fun. The XMan is an audio chef mixing ingredients in a CD bowl. You can actually hear when he adds the pepper just above the horns. Forget the salt, it’s all healthy. But sometimes I can hear the trans-fat oozing across the tracks. His dessert can make you fat, but fat and fate are just one letter apart…..turn up the sound to the max for Hollywood & Heaven and eat away. TheCelebrityCafe.com”

“CHARLES XAVIER/Xman Cometh Expect the Unexpected: Here’s a cat that has done everything, played with everyone and you’ve never heard of him. He trots out some of his pet things like political diatribes over funky beats. The ultimate genre splicer, he knows everyone and still he couldn’t get a mercy fuck of a record deal, what better way to turn your back on the whole thing and really do your own thing? Pretty much like not anything you’ve ever heard as a whole, Xavier wants to blow your ears and mind open and he accomplishes exactly what he sets out to do. You can’t pigeonhole this set, it doesn’t come with a map. Either you strap yourself in and enjoy the ride or shake your head in bewilderment. 9671 (Happy Note)”


“I’ve spent most of my life associating Charles Xavier with the X-Men. In San Francisco though, there was this kid named Charles Xavier and he dedicated himself, not to the betterment of human/mutant relations, but to creating some of the funkiest jazz fusion pop you’ve ever heard. An insatiably groovy album, Xavier mixes pop, punk, soul, jazz, r&b, blues and funk and adds a bit of social-minded commentary to produce what is simply one of the finest and grandest musical experiences I’ve had all year. The experience begins with the funky mellow “They Say”, before going into...“Stomp’n at Around Midnight”. “Gonna Change America” starts off a little brassy before becoming a soulful melody with an “Eye of the Tiger” kind of rock-out. “Crazy People” takes a time out for a pop ballad before going for a 70s-style soul-funk groove with “Thank You Girl.” Bottom line, the comic book Xavier may have created the X-Men, but this Xavier is the X man and the X stands fo”

Adam A. Donaldson - Lucid Forge