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Hannu Lepisto / Press

“Have A Beautiful Life, second week in the top 30 on CKCU-FM for week of Dec 9th, 2012”

“Have A Beautiful Life #1 on CKCU-FM's Top 30 for Dec 2nd, 2013”

"very beautiful and poetic ...this is the album of the year" rated 5 out of 5

“Hannu Lepisto "End of The World remixes" #12 on CKCU-FM charts for January 7th-13th, 2013”

“AMAZING voice! Love the melody.... You sound so full of passion and expression! Love it! Thank You!”

“...the soundtrack music done by Hannu Lepisto, a young man with a voice.... Conquerors of the World is a beautiful ballad. (translation from Finnish)”

"Sounding like a cross between Bruce Cockburn, Lou Reed, Stan Rogers, and Brad Roberts, with some Jyrki Linnenkivi (The 69 Eyes) thrown in, Finnish singer-songwriter, Hannu Lepistö's 5 track solo debut EP ranges from Americana to dark rock - a strong effort that bears repeat listening..."

“Jo eka kuuntelukerta imaisi, hypnoottinen kitarakulku on tehokas ja tuo mieleen jotakin määrittelemätöntä, joka on aina ollut läsnä tällaisessa musiikissa... Useamman kuuntelukerran jälkeen olen aivan biisi lumoissa! [Even listening (to Hannu's song 'There Is An Angel For Everyone') for the first time I was sucked in by the powerful hypnotic guitar passage which reminds me of something indefinable, which is always present in such music ... I'm just fascinated by the song and wish to spend more time listening to it.]”

Kari Kuuva - One of the most succesful Finnish songwriters ever - Message via Facebook

“Hannu Lepisto's CD "Run Away With Me" was selected as the Atomic Nation Album Of the Year. .The track "There Is An Angel For Everyone" is solid gold, and "Wild Girl" is another fave. Please visit [the website hannuofficial.info] and support one of our favorite Finlandians of all time. In the words of Mike Damone, "...you won't regret it."”

Kevin Lanier - Atomic Honey

"This guy is giving Tom Waits and Lou Reed some serious competition!"

“A lot of musicians are jealous of this song, wishing they would have wrriten it...me included! (*about There Is An Angel For Everyone*)”

“Wild Girl is a dark, brooding, glorious master-stroke. Your music is cut with some pretty magical stuff.”

“This guy will be a star! Awesome voice and powerful music we love this guy!!!!!!!”

“I see, G.R.A.M.M.Y N.E.W. A.R.T.I.S.T!”

“One of the most beautiful songs ever written ! (*about There Is An Angel For Everyone*)”

“1000% I agree with James, there are some very Big stars on reverb...and on this page any one does not have to look far,always a fantastic pleasure calling by to listen to your song and to say Hi to a *Star* Angel Minstrel, Peace, Love, Sound and Vision, Johnny”

“A mesmerizing backdrop with a vocal straight from the heart...compelling, great work! Greetings from Canada, -Bing.”

“You some how took all the beauty of the world and put it into a song and when we hear it we become more beautiful .”

“This is wonderful. I would love to hear more. If you haven't listened to Hannu's work...do it and do it now.”

“Truly amazing... Your voice has completely blessed my ears... and I thank you... Julie E Gordon x”

“Nice song, production fantastic. Can't get any more real and intimate than that. ”

“Now, this is really special: great lyrics, great voice and a beautiful clear sound. We love it.”

"There Is An Angel For Everyone" Is so incredibly beautiful~! One of my favorites, I could play over and over and never get tierd of listening to.

"There Is An Angel For Everyone"..wow !!! Kinda left me speechless :) One of the most beautiful songs I've heard :) and so brilliantly performed and delivered by your incredible vocals :) Yeah !!! you've left me feeling stirred up inside..such passion :)


“thats beautiful! love the song - and your tone is amazing keep up the good work ”

“Top Call Hannu, A most positively gifting of songs,it is more of a message to the World,as a previously complimenting comment has stated that you have a great voice,it leaves a memorably lasting impression with immense brightness, blessings of a fantastically gifted 2011, Peace, Love, Sound, Light and Vision”

“Jou Hannu, hyvin jätkä vetää! Helvetin hyvä laulusaundi, ei oo Räikköstä lausumisessa yhtään... [... Hell of a good vocal sound...]”

“There is an Angel for everyone is a great song. I love the way it rolls along like a river to the sea. Post some more songs for us.”

“Beautiful song, lyrics and love your voice!!!!”

“Lovely voice, guitar and meaning in your track "Angel for Everyone". Looking forward to hearing more.”

“Just listening again to your great track ! You have such a great voice I think 2011 is going to be a big success for you”

“Beautiful song and great voice”

“Very lovely. Beautifully orchestrated, played from the depths of the spirit.I love your ethereal sound.”


“Just listened to "There is an Angel for Everyone" - very cool guitar, solid lyrics, and a very compelling voice. Sounds great.”

“Very nice! Reminds me a lot of Tom Waits! ”

“...This is one classic song. I like your voice better than Mr. Waits.”