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HANNAH / Press

“When I first heard her music, it drew for me boundless cyber fantasy cityscapes nestled in grey-skied green foothills of Iceland, Northern Lights above.”

“This summer, HANNAH unveiled her solo EP Brym. The arrangements are stark, snowy visions that allude to the Nordic and Icelandic melodies she grew up with, and incorporates very modern electronic effects, recalling the worldly ambient tones of groups like Sigur Rós and Massive Attack.”

“Luminous frequencies and violin instrumentation tied with foreign Icelandic lyrical messages are found in her voice...”

“It is a powerful and dynamic album that has the ability to seep into your soul in ways only orchestral and electronic music can.”

“Beautiful best describes her string portrayals, her emotional efforts, and her musical charisma. The skill involved in these mere five tracks is enough to fill many musical artists' entire portfolios, and then she adds a touch of modern day fusion with those well produced electronic elements.”

“Thiem’s lyrics, captured in full by her gorgeous voice, are a mélange of “Icelandic, Roma-influenced, and partly invented” languages. The brooding, Massive Attack-esque mood of “The Finding” brings together Middle Eastern instrumentation and Eastern European melody.”

“With my debut solo EP, Brym, I feel as though I’ve created a bridge to transport listeners to another time and place. My deep interest in folk music, especially Nordic music, was used as a base to create a body of electronic, stringrich work. The music ranges from minimal and ambient to more upbeat and dance-floor driven, while maintaining a palette of violin, cello, piano, and organic percussion as central elements.”

“She opened with a long, pensive solo improvisation against an ambient electronic backing track, then the two-cello string quartet with drums delivered what might have been the most exhilarating song of the night, Meissner driving it with his dramatic cymbal splashes before it wound down with a fluttery unease.”

“A gorgeous ambient track.”

“With Phavet HANNAH THIEM perfectly combines electronic sounds and Scandinavian melodies. Modern electronic sounds and classic violin sounds. Folk influenced electronic music – or electronic influenced folk music? Probably both. Phavet is majestic and its layers are deep. Every listen will unearth new secrets. So you should listen to Phavet over and over again.”

“Inspired by a traditional Norwegian folk song, "Brym Al Mar" is a passionate instrumental track that combines Hannah's ability to merge traditional, world music sounds with modern electronics. It's a slow-burn number that builds cautiously until its wires begin to fray.”