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“JUST Released! New Cd "ASCENSION"...The new disk by guitarist / composer Dennis Williams!”

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“OFFICIAL REVIEW by G.W. Hill (Music Critic) Rating 5 / 5 Stars!!! Dennis Williams plays guitar, but that’s not all he does. He handles most of the instrumentation here and wrote most of the music. The thing is, he is an amazing guitarist and this set of instrumentals showcases a lot of musical styles that all demonstrate his skill while still entertaining. This is one of the best all instrumental sets to come around the bend in a while.”

“The hard rockin "Fight The Good Fight" is without a doubt a highlight! This track Rocks!!! Lots of guitar pyrotechnics and flash! FTGF is an adrenaline rush! "Across The Badlands" is a HIT! This track has everything. and may go down as one of Williams coolest rock compositions. It also marks the first time Williams called in help from a fellow musician, drummer extrodinair LOU CALDAROLA from New York. Caldarola's playing is absolutely fantastic. Williams and Caldarola make one hell of a team...we can only hope hear more from this duo!!!! ”

“MUSICA DEMENTIA is an incredible collection of guitar driven songs. From Rock to classical, symphonic to simple acoustic, this disk has something for everyone...two thumbs up for Canada's best kept secret!!! MUSICA DEMENTIA is a must have! ..."”

“…Williams is a true talent in every sense of the word…This is what separates the great from the mediocre. If you can do something better than the others, then you have a good chance of being remembered… This is one of the biggest things that give guitarist Dennis Williams an edge over many of his contemporaries….””

“Relentless by Dennis GTRMAN Williams ROCKS!!! 4.5 Stars out of 5!!!! "Running the gamut from rock to metal, country to classical, RELENTLESS by Dennis “GTRMAN” Williams shows many different sides to this musician....a pleasure to listen to...makes one wish for more!!!" ”

" MUSICA DEMENTIA is a Tour de Force of Hard Rockin, Fret Shredding tracks..." 4.5 stars out of 5! Review by Mathew Warnock for itunes / Amazon.com