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Grüzer / Press

“With three guitarist and a shit ton of experience between the whole group, coming from local and regional acts like Deathvalley Driver, Diavolo, Carolyn, Shaokahn and Mean Wiener/Evil Empire among others, they perform a style of doomy Southern, Sludge Metal in the essence of the NOLA music scene, which we all love. That's not to say they're some cookie cutter band, being a fan of that Louisiana scene for a long time now I can confidently tell you that with the third guitar and their various influences, they have created something similar but definitely unique in its own right and is more than capable of standing on it's own two legs when compared to other groups doing the same thing. With solid musicianship all the way around I'd be here all day breaking down their individual sounds, but if you were to be sentenced to death by pressing, having these guys play instead of people stacking all those rocks on top of you would achieve the same goal with more jams and a lot less effort...”

“Worker’s Comp Labor Day Festival — Two things you can count on from Stereofly, the Columbia-based ‘zine and promotions hub dedicated to highlighting unheralded regional talent — ambition and enthusiasm, both erupting from stores that seemingly have no end. Just take a spin through Worker’s Comp. Vol. II, the free digital companion piece to Stereofly’s second annual Labor Day Weekend mini-fest. It includes some artists that won’t be at Art Bar this weekend, but there’s still plenty here to justify your attendance — a woozy new pop-rock number from The Restoration’s Adam Corbett, a swaggering cut from the all-star hip-hop collective NewSC, a somber invocation from the melodically astute alt-rock trio The Fire Tonight. All three play as part of a nine-band bill that also includes the hypnotic hip-hop of We Roll Like Madmen, the burly grime of Grüzer and the playful, funky synth-hop of Grand Prize Winners From Last Year. Free beer from Charleston’s Holy City Brewing ”

“GRÜZER is also not going to be satisfied with anything that is short of the heaviest most well made 5 song EP that they have the power to create and we are stoked to be on board. I can't wait to help the band put the finishing touches on this record and let people hear it. I am certain that is will get noticed far outside of SC! Keep a lookout for this because things are about to get very HEAVY!”

“GRÜZER Inteview in Free Times Alt Paper n Columbia’s shape-shifting metal and hard rock scene, it often feels like new bands are born every minute, only to disperse after a year or two and then reassemble in different variations six months later. Such is the case with Grüzer, a wily metal sextet that gathers members from familiar local acts like Death Valley Driver, DIAVOLO, Carolyn, SHAOKAHN and Mean Weiner. Featuring a trio of guitarists in Steve Moore, Travis Nicholson and Jason Brown as well as vocalist Claude Spurlock IV, bassist Matt Campbell and drummer Jay Crosby, the group flirts with sludge and doom metal styles but also ranges freely outside of such confining descriptors. Free Times caught up with Brown to talk about Grüzer’s formation, the band’s relationship to metal subgenres, and how the members see their place in the local scene." - See more at: http://www.free-times.com/blogs/interview-gruezer#sthash.ce8JqjOm.dpuf”

"GRÜZER was formed in December of 2013 by six fellas very familiar in the heavy scene around Columbia and the Carolinas. Hailing from such local/regional bands as Deathvalley Driver, Diavolo, Carolyn, Shaokahn and Mean Wiener/Evil Empire just to name a few, these guys are no strangers to the game. GRÜZER intends on drawing from our collective experience and making the best music that the six of us can possibly make. We play what we want, when we want, and have zero concern with fitting into a certain label, genre or sub-genre. Just know that when you see or hear GRÜZER, you will be getting one of the best, heaviest bands in the Southeast! Grüzer web site... Grüzer Facebook... 12:45-1:45am

“Grüzer, Space Coke, Thieving Coyote, Tripping the Mechanism — An eclectic metal-centric bill headlined by the recently formed Grüzer, this show also includes the bluesy bluster of the local outfit Space Coke, the high-energy guitar histrionics of Florence’s Thieving Coyote, and sinewy epics of North Charleston’s Tripping the Mechanism. Grüzer — something of a local metal supergroup featuring former members of Death Valley Driver, DIAVOLO, Carolyn, SHAOKAHN and Mean Weiner — delivers sludgy doom metal with freewheeling arrangements. — Kyle Petersen Art Bar: 8 p.m., $5; 929-0198,”

“Grüzer hasn’t played many shows; this is the metal sextet’s second date, and first local showing. Nor has Grüzer officially released any material; only demos fleck its social media pages. But Grüzer already displays a great deal of strength and savvy, which isn’t surprising given the band’s lengthy history in local heavies. Its members filled the ranks — among myriad others — of Death Valley Driver, Carolyn and Diavolo. The band’s sweltering Southern sludge draws power from its three-guitar bludgeon. Still a little raw, Grüzer should only get keener with time. Into the Depths headlines. New Brookland Tavern: 8 p.m., $5 ($8 under 21); 791-4413, - See more at: http://www.free-times.com/music/concerts-in-columbia-june-18-25-062814#sthash.o5Lb18yv.timPPQL8.dpuf”