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Grenade Face / Press

"Manly music should remind a man of his own innate need to work, hurt things, and be in charge of shit. From the opening jazz-sounding drums of “In the Red Corner” to the last note of “From Womb to Tomb”, there’s no slowing down, no chance to regain your bearing. It’s heavy, it’s pissed off, and if you don’t break something while listening to it, then you’re probably either dead, or made of sugar and spice..."

“By Matthew Pashalian Let’s face it; South Florida is a very tough nut to crack. It seems that every area has its own thing, whether it’s the heavy indie scene in Palm Beach, to the more aggressive trappings in Fort Lauderdale. It almost makes the scene feel like a high school full of cliques that everyone is going to get lumped into. Luckily for Grenadeface, the sunshine state in general has always had a special spot for aggressive, heavy metal, having spawned such greatness as Death and Malevolent Creation. The state is just a breeding ground for the low end growl of a six-string. Over the past few months, the boys of Grenadeface have been building a very fast local following.. On a Sunday morning, we caught up with the band at a Starbucks of all places to get to know of the South Florida heavy music scenes next up and comers. Keep reading to find out more and get to know South Florida’s Grenadeface.”