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Gram Parsons InterNational / Press

“Gram InterNational... and their petition site (gramparsonspetition.com) has the testimonials to prove that [Parsons] is perceived as more than merely a cult-status footnote in the annals of Country Music History.”

D. Patrick Rodgers - The Nashville Scene (Critic's Pick)

“If these songs are all true life testimonials, it's a wonder [Lydia] Loveless isn't in a mental institution or, worse, jail – maybe it's the gift of song that is saving her soul..."”

Chip Midnight, Donewaiting.com

“Gram National 2010: Return of the Grievous Angel is No. 2 on the Boston ReverbNation Country chart.”


“Jeff Byrd & Dirty Finch are an alt/country vs acoustic rock group with some great songs, and a unique sound that causes you to listen up.”

Terry Stephens, SMT Publishing Nashville

“Loose Salute will be mixing things up with music from all aspects of [Mike] Nesmith’s recording career, as well as “American dusty trail trinkets” and “alternative country” originals.”

Worchester Telegram & Gazette

“About the GPTN: I am very impressed at how you put together such a grand event. (Glenna Bell, Texas); You did a fantastic job putting together the Gram event. (Dave Carew, Nashville); Will, Man that show last Friday night was fun. Thanks so much for organizing it. (Chris James, Editor, Shake!)”

From bands and fans

“That music will ring throughout Douglas Corner tonight, both in live versions of Parsons’ songs and during between-set breaks, when James will play Gram’s own versions. And two co-authors of Parsons songs — Walter Egan, who co-wrote “Hearts on Fire,” and Bob Buchanan, who wrote “Hickory Wind” with Gram — will be on hand. Parsons would have turned 66 on Monday. ... He lives, though, in trembling melodies, in book pages, in hearts on fire and on the hickory wind. ”

Peter Cooper - The Tennessean

“The rocked up outlaw country, Americana band [Rivals of the Peacemaker] is sure to slay audiences with even the tiniest smidge of good taste. Tight rythms, kick-ass leads, deep grooves, well-crafted lyrics and awesome vocals are the band’s calling cards. Need anything else?”


“The Devious Angels - where Nashville needs to be.”

Will James, Gram InterNational

“I am here to tell you folks, ... frontman Sturgill Simpson [Gram InterNational 2011] is a singular talent, one of those one-in-a-million folks who is touched by the country music holy spirit, and has the vigor to fully realize his potential, and assert his solely original perspective on American music without fear.”

Triggerman - Saving Country Music

“I just wonder how the organizers of Gram National are going to top themselves next year.”

“Gram National came to Beantown, kicked-ass and took names!”

Drew Townson, Analog Planet, Twang 'em High

“Holy, and shit. In that order. Gram National 2010 was an amazing two days of some the best music I've heard in a long time.”

Max Bowen, Citywide Blackout, CyberStationUSA.com

“I think the Gram National really opened some eyes in Boston. It's about the MUSIC, and I'm thinking the bands "got it". You should have seen the networking going on! What an opportunity you provided them... and the shrewd among them took advantage of it. Yeah it's fun and certainly social, but there was a lot of mutual appreciation and love going on at Precinct over those two nights... And it was all about the music. ”

Email, Boston music fan and observer