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The Gothard Sisters / Press

"...three amazingly talented sisters..."

Lonely Planet

"...talented in so many ways it fairly boggles the brain."


"The Gothard Sisters bring a new dynamic to the Celtic Festival circuit. Their on-stage charisma, energy, enthusiasm and extraordinary talent is second to none. They have a unique talent of being able to captivate their audience for the entirety of their show leaving spectators wanting more. Furthermore their eclectic style and theatrical performance is something that will continue to flourish as these artists will no doubt take the World by storm. A must see!"

Keith Doherty - Jacksonville Celtic Festival

" Last year we introduced the Gothard Sisters and they enjoyed an exceptional response from the audience. They are BACK to provide the kind of Irish dancing that has everyone clapping their hands and tapping their feet."

First Night, tri-cities

"With such a delicate, organic production value and impressive performances, it is no wonder that "Story Girl" went on to receive praise on an international level, often mentioned as one of the best Celtic records of the year. Where so many musicians risk to get stuck within their technicality, The Gothard Sisters truly bridge the gap between their formal musical training and their more instinctive, emotional side that make their performances so intimate and engaging."


““My expectations were blown out of the water! First and foremost, these ladies are very down to earth but yet professional. If you are a presenter and have room in your schedule, grab them for your performance series - they will not disappoint! They are great family entertainment. [They] put on a superb show that really drew in the audience with their singing and musicianship; but when they start to dance, look out, you're in for a treat!"”

Jim Kleinbeck - Auburn Ave Theater

"The Gothard Sisters performed to a packed house at the historic Sumter Opera House in Sumter, SC. The sisters tapped the stage with energy and precision. Our audience came from the corners of our state to participate in a night of authentic Irish music & dance. These young ladies had our audience standing in adulation as they took their final bow! The Sumter Opera House is a new presenting venue in the beginnings of building a membership base. Our apprehensions to fill seats were eliminated as the blonde hair & blue eyed lasses dazzled our patrons with a Celtic twist on contemporary pieces and classic Irish tunes such as Danny Boy. They far exceeded expectations by the attendance & merchandise sales of the performance. Post concert interviews were filmed with joyous faces and the audience were eager to meet the sisters."

Seth Reimer - Sumter Opera House

“The performances were captivating and polished. I enjoyed the flawless violin, and exciting drum and dancing sequences. The interplay and stage banter was also highly entertaining."”

Leslie Landoe - Audience member, Puyallup Concert in the Park series

"The Gothard Sisters are a dynamic performance group that mesmerizes the crowds at the Washington State Fair and Spring Fair in Puyallup. They are one of the biggest hits for our Fountain stage, packing it for performance after performance."

Andrea Thayer - Washington State Fair

"Be sure to catch their performance - you will be glad you did!"

North Idaho Fair and Rodeo

"The best 90 minutes ever!! That was the best show I have seen in years."

Bonnie W - Community Concerts Association of Waynesboro, Pennsylvania

““Thank you so much for your amazing performance. You are literally Irish performance triple threats. The dancing was superb, so much energy, life and spirit in the performance."”

Erin Toner

"I have seen the Gothard sisters perform and also caught their youtube videos. These three young ladies are a must see. Talent and energy abound. You will never regret catching their act. Definitely a must see for anyone."

Audience member - Shoreline, WA

"The Gothard Sisters packed the house and knocked their socks off all in the same sentence! What makes this family band unique is that it has the appeal of youth without sacrificing professionalism. What the audience came to see was the youthful Celtic dancing and fiddling. They got it. But they weren't prepared for the elaborate show they received... multiple instruments, enhancing vocals, genre variety and even great storytelling. Then the sisters mixed it all together with the hand of a master choreographer. They had our audience on the edge of their seats and leaning forward with excitement. The people watching had no idea what was coming next, but they knew they didn't want to miss it."

Chas Cantlon - Ronan Performing Arts Center

"To those who might have some concerns about the Gothard Sisters, let me tell you they are one of the finest entertaining groups we have ever had at our Celtic Festival in La Grande, Oregon. They are very talented, they play a variety of instruments, they do Irish dancing, they are outstanding vocalists, and they are very courteous and friendly. We have had them at our last two festivals and they will be returning this year."

Charlie Brown - La Grande Celtic Festival

""Celtic Rainbow" features the intricate sound of fiddle harmonies, the sweet, uplifting voice of Solana, and unique arrangements of popular songs. They have a never-ending supply of new ideas and they aren't afraid to take risks. This is what makes these sisters the great musicians that they are."

"What emerged [in this album] was a unique sound that is all their own. Their songs are deep, amazing stories that take the listener on journeys to America, and through struggles and trials."