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Goodnight Tonight / Press

“All tracks are “wow” good! EP Is wow good! To sum it up: I give the Goodnight Tonight an enthusiastic nine out of10 stars and highly recommend this album to any fan of hard pop and rock. Grab yourself a copy and kick up your heels to some solid melodic and catchy as hell songwriting that really stays with you log after the EP’ runs its course. I may never get the chorus of “Lieutenant James” out of my head. All jokes aside – Goodnight Tonight set the standard for the genre, and should be a big hit this Summer. Final Rating: 5/5 Stars”

“If you want a solid pop rocking staple there’s something on this record for you. Obviously many will fall head over heels with Goodnight Tonight. This is one band that’s set up rather well for mainstream success this year. Some of this plays into strong marketability potential world wide. Some pieces present more modern sounding overtones but despite all this the flavor possess traditional Rock n’ Roll textures. This is really what makes GT so enticing to me personally. Goodnight Tonight possesses an impressive and youthful look and sound. “Watch the Rain” grants you rare access to peer into the soul of a an artist not so tormented but rather easy going and positive – from a deep, thought provoking, melancholy pop-rock perspective shall we say.”

“The trio of Emily Gambone - Lead Vocals/Guitar, Holly Camp - Bass and Logan McNeal - Drums/Vocals has been playing together since 2008, formerly known as Noize From The Basement with the LP "Bird´s eye view" released in 2011 - these teens deliver their brand new "Watch the rain" EP under their new moniker Goodnight Tonight. I think it´s a solid EP with a couple of catchy songs like "The only thing I knew" and "Poison", at times they sound a bit like a rocking The Bangles but a more appropriate way to describe Goodnight Tonight is the link to bind together Paramore and Pat Benatar. 1985 meets 2010 so to speak.”

“These 3 have clearly proves themselves with this short but sweet EP release. They got solid instincts. All engineering aspects check out well. CD possesses thick low end punch and crystal clear high end clarity. During my initial research I discovered this band is quite the hot topic live around NE Ohio. Playing live, Goodnight Tonight unleash their cosmic fury and induces the same in their audience. It’s hard, it’s heavy, it’s rock and roll, re-imagined and reinvigorated. From melodic “Because of You” to hypnotic “Lieutenant James” this CD has something for just about everyone. The EP ends with “Back On My Feet Again” the perfect finale statement for a EP of this caliber.”

“Goodnight Tonight wraps up a well-rounded 6 track set providing an interesting cross section of classic Punk Rock, R&B, and Melodic Pop popular in the 90’s, all the while maintaining a modern-day College Rock “live” circuit appeal. How is this possible? Only a band with a ‘Shooting Star” persona can pull it off and these 3 have it. Music like this is sorely missing from the 2014 repertoire on the Radio or in a local live club. Goodnight Tonight fill this musical void, they can hold their own against any hot running bands out there right now, and I my opinion are the band to watch in 2014.”

“Seven high school bands from around the area performed in the third ever Rock Jam at the Rodeo Music Hall in Austintown. The show provides a venue for young, aspiring rock and roll musicians to see what it's like to perform at an adult level. Three 16-year-olds from the Kent area, who call themselves "Noize from the Basement," were one of the bands to perform. "If we did have a plateau, we would try to work as hard as we could to get through it. So, I would say that we've been pretty productive," said musician Emily Gambone, "Noize from the Basement." On the verge of recording their third album, the group writes all their own music, much like the other six area high school bands that took the stage for the event. "A lot of venues you have to be over 18 to get in or you have to be over a certain age to play, and there are a lot of teenage bands that are equally as good, if not better, than some of the adult bands," said Gambone.”

“LIVE NATION RECENTLY ANNOUNCED THE BANDS THAT WILL PARTICIPATE IN THE 16TH ANNUAL TRI-C HIGH SCHOOL ROCK OFF PRESENTED BY OHIO NATURAL GAS, SCENE MAGAZINE, TIME WARNER CABLE AND 96.5 KISS FM. The event, which features many local high school bands, returns to the legendary House of Blues in downtown Cleveland. "One of the goals of The Rock Off is to give young musicians a professional performance experience," Barry Gabel, Sr. VP of Marketing for Live Nation Cleveland. "They get to lay it on the line in front of people directly involved in the music industry and the most excitable audience these bands may ever see. There's nothing better than finding fresh talent in Cleveland." All bands will work with a professional sound and stage crew. Bands will have the opportunity to create press kits, do interviews and prepare a set list. Emily Gambone, lead vocals and guitar for Noize From The Basement, said "We were very excited to be selected again to play this year.”

“Great Rock & Roll. I like your title cut Cry For Help and Hold On Tight and Tongue Tied. You have the magic. Best wishes.”

Magnificent Sonnets - Reverbnation

“Here is a story written about Noize from the Basement”

“You have got such breathtaking voice!! WOW!! your super talented!! Thanks again for becoming a fan it truly means so much to me (^_^) I'm now listening to your beautiful music and I'm enjoying and loving it very much!! I sure will come back to listen to more of your amazing music!! (^_^) Keep the brilliant work up!! Much love! Aria Arvan from Houston, TX ”

“When I started listening, i did not expect this. You've got good songs but more then that. Your songs and playing sound very mature. Keep up the good work! ”

Nothing New Music - Reverbnation

“Wow - you guys are just getting better! I knew you had a lot of potential when I first heard you. Still brings me back to the best UK post-punk stuff from the late 70s/early 80s. Long before you were born! Cry For Help is really brilliant! ”

DC Cardwell - Australia - ReverbNation

“How are my RocK'In Friends!..?I want You To Be The greatest New band of this ERA! Keep on Pushing You Will Make IT! B-rad Stone!”

Basement Rocks Band - Reverbnation

“Holly Camp fights illness with a joyful Noize High school freshman Holly Camp of Mogadore is battling three chronic diseases. Her weapon: rock 'n' roll. Follow link for the rest of the article”

“Hey Noize from the Basement, you are so kicking! What a great sound and sweet lineup of tunes! This cat's lovin' everything so far, crazy about Tell Me, shined on by Changin and Speechless and fully lulled by Charlie Bit”

Reiny Pier - Reverbnation

“You guys are super super talented. Brilliant in all details! love it”

Tracey Marie Music - ReverbNation

“Hey you guys have some serious chops! Nice vocals, great writing, solid instruments. My favorite is "Changin'" Rock on! Props from Montana”

Tom Balek - Three Wheel Drive - ReverbNation

“Hey Noize! Really diggin' your music! Keep rockin' the originals, you have some quality tunes here! Vocals, musicianship, arrangements and production quality are all very good! Lovin' what you're doin'! "Changin'" and "How...”

Zebra Butterfly - ReverbNation

“You guys play some good rock and roll and have potential to go somewhere with it. Set Goals and focus on them and let the music take you on a the great adventure that it is. Keep having fun and stay in touch. ”

Susan Modell-- PR Cox Music Productions - ReverbNation

“OH yeah!!This is what we need!!More female fronted rocking bands like yours!Keep up the good work and may your talent take you to places of great joy!”

Redd - ReverbNation

“OH wow!!! At first.. I thought it was a keyboard, but its Guitar!! Love the style, your hooks are awesome! Great Ideas, you've done real well, created some really cool songs!!”

Marija - ReverbNation

“You have a great sound! Well written tunes and played like the pros you are. Good luck with your May 14th gig. I'm pullin for ya all the way! Peace,”

Rick Frost - ReverbNation

"The band was asked to return on May 14th to perform in a showcase performance for Kim Stephens from One Eye Management and Capitol Records."

“Noize from the Basement promo for the JB's show on 1/29”