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“Godhunter’s 2012 disc, Wolves, is a sludge-rock-monger’s wet dream, full of down-tuned guitars, dinosaur-stalking-the-forest rhythms and throat-shredding vocals. The quintet even brings a bit of the blues in John Lee Hooker-meets-Helmet groove of “Dead Hooker on the Side of the Road."”

“This is not music for everyone, and the southern grooves combined with repetition, unpolished production, repetition in composition structure, and the angry hardcore vocals will probably be a turn-off to many people who are not into sludgy music. However, those who are really into heavy sludge metal will be able to appreciate exactly what this band stands for. ”

“ Caustic stoner doom from Tucson, Arizona that among the bong-blasted, Sabbath-worshipping grooves contains a lurking, alcohol-fuelled nihilism and a dark, progressive taint of the highest Neuroses-ian order.”

“BOTTOM LINE: slow and dark to heavy and commanding, with thick production and lots of growled vocals, distortion laden riffs, and drums from the heavens that act as fuel for great, pissed off song structures. Seek out your true path. No idols, no masters. This is aces. 5 out of 5.”

“The music was so heavy and brutal that for the first time since I heard the band Candlemass’s 1987 album, “Ancient Dreams” (on cassette mind you!), I wanted to destroy things at a slow pace. Man, did GODHUNTER back their name up, that’s for sure. With heavy, and I mean heavy, low tuned guitars, growling vocals, gloom trudging bass and drums, this album is a true testament to the words Heavy-Metal. But be warned, if you’re looking for fast, thrash metal, this isn’t it. If you’re like me and do enjoy the occasional break from neck break, lightning speed metal and you need to come down, but don’t want to lose that metal edge, GODHUNTER’s “Wolves” is the album to get. Yes, I promise, you won’t be disappointed. ”

“Slow and sludgy and full of fuzzed-out guitar buzzing, Godhunter plays what's probably best described as stoner rock. As such they're not in any hurry to get to the vocals; on "(Stop Being) Sheep" singer Charlie Touseull waits three minutes, fully half of the song, before beginning his angst-filled screaming. Touseull's vocals are not bad but they're also not much different from those employed by any number of other bands and it's the instrumental portions of these songs that are the most enjoyable.”

“Unbearable tension in barely restrained riffs, pounding, constant war beats, a thundering, all encompassing bass walks and vocals that roar with conviction all serve to inform that Godhunter are serious about what they do.”

“The riff-ridden opening of "Wolves of the North" shows that Godhunter could work equally well as a Pelican/Torche style instrumental band, but Charlie's potent anger and full throat scream on "Powerbelly" puts you beyond any doubt of their combined power. This precision between band mates helps forge the Converge-like percussion that abounds in Wolves and means a full album will be eagerly awaited by everyone with a good ear for contemporary hardcore music. ”

“Although they're playing a style of music arguably better suited for the South than the Southwest, Godhunter deserves some serious street cred for creating perhaps the best sludge album to ever ooze out of Tucson. ”

“What music/people/events influence and inspire your music? "We are always inspired by other great bands and the music they put out, of course. We're also inspired by the local scene a lot, as Tucson, and Arizona in general, is filled with some amazing bands, so we're always pushing each other to new heights. We are definitely inspired by current events of the world in general. The worse the world gets, the more we have to write about. We certainly touch on social issues a lot in our music and lyrics. And, of course, we're very inspired by the people on our lives. We're pretty lucky, as a band, to be surrounded by friends and family that are completely behind what we are trying to do. These folks inspire us to keep going every single day." ”

“Either way, the Wolves EP makes for a solid 32 minutes of sludge-based aggression, and whatever forms it’s working with, they generally arrive still well able to qualify as such. The vocals are mixed high from the start, though one gets the sense that Touseull wouldn’t have had any trouble cutting through the music surrounding anyway, but it’s a couple minutes into “(Stop Being) Sheep” before he comes on, and in that time, Godhunter set a steady build and enforce and underlying groove that shows some schooling in doom.”

“The four previous paragraphs of vague praise devoid of unnecessary detail and/or spoilers too specific that you don't need to listen to the EP yourself should suffice. If you're a fan of any of aforementioned genres of music, metal, beards, beer, or parentheses, I imagine you'll find something to love about the "Wolves" EP. 30+ minutes of great music for five dollars is one of the better deals you'll find these days, and the bros in Godhunter deliver just that. After over a dozen listens in the past couple of weeks, I'm still finding little nuances of the album that I enjoy, and I dig the album more with each listen. That gets it into my regular rotation, and a well-deserved 8/10. ”

“There is something about this album that I couldn’t quite put my finger on. Then it hit me, I loved the instruments, I love the tune, the Sabbath and co inspired tone is what really drives this album. The aggressiveness of the vocals firmly compliments the rest of the album. It’s an album that can really get you motivated, get your head swinging and ready to go a trash the town black. Listen for yourself, if you like, click the player and be transported to a magical place called Bandcamp where you can order all types of goodies from the band. ”

“I had the chance to sit down and listen to the new release "Wolves" by the Tucson Sludge/Doom band Godhunter. "Wolves" is an elevated saga of fire-eating doom, Philistine in its riffs, and merciless to your ears with astonishing heaviness. The sophomore album is a stalwart follow-up to the "Teargas EP." The album has great "flow" and bang-up production. To sum it up, this is a great album by the Tucson natives. If you're in need of some heavy "Wolves" is for you. Currently the band is selling their album digitally at godhunter.bandcamp.com but is also available at all the online retailers; cdbaby.com, Itunes, Rhapsody and Amazon. The band will be doing numerous dates throughout the Southwest in early 2012, so don't miss your chance to catch this rising force in the Southwestern scene. Final Score: 8/10 ”

“Godhunter sound remarkably self assured and there’s a maturity to the song writing that’s rare for a band only on its second EP. You could pick out their influences but there isn’t any one band that they exactly sound like. This band is well on its way to finding its own distinct voice in a crowded genre. Bring on the full length I say. 8/10: Light up a fatty and press play. ”

“Godhunter/Methra - split 10" Two doomy, sludgy heavy bands from Tucson, Arizona. Godhunter plays a heavy slow hateful sound that could be found someplace between Eyehategod and Buzzov*en with a touch more stoner rock. There are a few things that set this apart. First, the lyrics seem centered around anti-god/jesus and the unhappiness of life. Second, there are some crazy guitar solos thrown in. Methra speed it up and have more of a hardcore influence. "Big Gulp" is a slow doom track. (Acid Reflux Records)”

“Thank you for submitting music for our annual ZIA Records “You Heard Us Back When, Vol. 5” Local Music Compilation! We’ve chosen the Godhunter track “Teargas” to be included on our Local compilation this year! All proceeds from the sales of the compilation after production costs will go to Alice Cooper’s Solid Rock foundation, an Arizona based fundraising charity that works on giving teenagers a place to go where they feel safe and are inspired to delve into their love of music and community. For more info, visit www.alicecooperssolidrock.com If you would like to check out the full track listing and more information on the compilation, please check our ZIA Blog. We’ve added every bands website link to the information blog about the compilation so hopefully you’ll see some increased traffic to your pages in the next few weeks - http://ziarecords.blogspot.com/2011/03/zia-records-release-you-heard-us-back.html”

“Some bands give a shit. About, you know, stuff. Usually about stupid shit, like girls or cars or whatever the fuck Rob Zombie moaning on about. Whoa yeah. Godhunter though, clearly, doesn't give much of a shit at all. I think the only thing they care to point out to anyone is that the world is a completely fucked up place and we're all fucking stuck here until we die. So fuck you, deal with it. That, in a friggin' nutshell, is Godhunter. Put a mirror up to society and see it reflected in their misanthropic lyrics that are screamed at you at high volume, or in their completely wonderfully nihilistic live shows. Watch out for flying guitars. You have been warned. A lot of bands suck. This one doesn't. Make it a point to give them a listen!”

Satan's Left Hand - Lucifer's Press

"The Sonoran Desert is a cruel, harsh and unforgiving mistress. The music made by the Tucson band Godhunter perfectly embodies these qualities. They blend equal parts thrash, sludge and doom, then temper them under the unrelenting desert sun. The final result is a symphony of scorched earth, an opus in self abuse, apathy and rebellion. They may wear their hearts and influences on their sleeves, but the music is still incredibly honest. This isn't a death of a thousand tiny cuts. This feels like being dried out to a hollow husk under unforgiving skies. These guys are easily one of the most promising bands to come out of Tucson, perhaps the entire Southwest, in quite a while..."

Jesse Venoe - Lost Highways