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“BlackPearl504 is a world-renowned DJ, Producer, Musician, Songwriter and Vocalist.  Born and bred in the rythymically-rich New Orleans area, BlackPearl504 developed quite a name for himself in New York City’s competive music scene.  After touring nationally and internationally with Pimps of Joytime, he returned to New Orleans, the birthplace of modern American music, to launch his latest endeavor, GNO Sounds, LLC (Greater New Orleans).   Inspired by the many ingredients of one of  New Orleans' most popular dishes, Filè Gumbo, BlackPearl504 coined the term "Filè Beat" to describe the new ‘New Orleans Bounce’ from this multi-cultural, multi-genred, crowd-pleasing collective based in New Orleans with members around the world.  GNO Sounds, LLC creates musical magic from the fusion of Zydeco, Bounce, Blues, Hip Hop, Brass Band, Jazz, Afro-Beat, Funk, Soul, Reggae, and Rythym & Blues while maintaining the integrity of true Basement Hip Hop.  This “Filè Beat””

JD Lonewolf - NYC heat

“Black Pearl 504 Brings A New Sound From New Orleans To A New World... ”

Dic Vindive - n.o.l.a. press

“Black Pearl 504 is a world renown dj, producer, musician, and vocalist originally from New Orleans. After touring internationally and developing a name for himself within the NY music scene, it is not surprising that he returned to New Orleans, the birth place of modern american music, to launch his latest endeavor G.N.O. (Greater New Orleans) Sounds. G.N.O. Sounds is both a collection and fusion eclectic that blends musical styles native to New Orleans such as Bounce , Zydeco, Blues, Brass Band, Funk, and jazz, along with many other musical styles found all over the world; all while maintaining the integrity of true Basement Hip Hop. Thus, making for some pretty amazing show material. The aptly termed File~ beat was born from this fusion. The File~ beat, crafted by Black Pearl, is the new bounce music that has risen to popularity in the N.O. and can be heard on any New Orleans city street. It is a fitting term for Pearl's music because it means gumbo. ”

Dic Vindive - n.o.l.a press

“ The G.N.O. first string is full of heavy hitting MCs who deliver complex lyrics and dynamic presentation. K. Hunter is a West Bank New Orleans native with a distinct intellectual off beat style that is always on time. His verses take all listeners on an adventure. Mistah Beez is another New Orleans native. His delivery is solid and his verses drive straight home with ill metaphors and fresh lyricism. Rahbrad has a style and music all of its own. His intelligent wordplay and rhyming schematics along with his unique presentation make him a dope MC. Although Rahbrad calls New Orleans home, he is not a native, but insists that all know he is from the void. ”

Dic Vindive - n.o.l.a. press

“ Black Pearl 504 and G.N.O .Sounds arnow spreading the file~ beat and their music all over the country and the world. "It's time for a change in pace for popular music . Less nonsense and more creativity. G.N.O. is that new creativity." says Pearl. Black Pearl 504 currently spins every Friday and Saturday at the infamous Blue Nile in the French Quarter. This is when you can check out his set and hear G.N.O.Sounds latest tracks first. This article was written by: Dic Vindive”

Dic Vindive - n.o.l.a. press