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Georgia Overdrive / Press

“Georgia Overdrive puts some serious work into looking so good. They all love what they do and all feel very fortunate to be able to perform for so many fans and friends. Bassist Dave Brees and guitarist/singer Steve Johnson got together just to have a little fun after having been part of several other bands in the past. John Getner is the lead guitarist with a history of his own, Both John and Dave are W.A.M.I. winners for their own personal feats. Female vocals and the newest member of the group would be Marissa Pitroski. She has a long personal history in music, and just really loves performing in Georgia Overdrive.Billing themselves as a "High Energy Country Rock and Top 40 Country Band," these guys really brought just that. There always seems to be dancers and fans filling the floor, giving them the energy they need to bring such a great show to the stage. These guys are moving a million miles an hour. Georgia Overdrive can easily provide a very entertaining evening. ”

Andy Borth - Scene 262