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Gary Blanchard / Press

“Recently I picked up the cd by Gary Blanchard after hearing one of his forum submissions. Gary sings of nature and I immediately thought of Emerson, Thoreau and one of my great heros, John Muir. Gary's voice reminds me of Pete Seeger and maybe Woodie Gutherie (and I said that before looking at Gary's profile where he sites Seeger as an influence). Like Seeger he plays twelve string guitar and banjo on the album, and plays them well. The songs are about nature, and as a few of you who know me, the mountains and rivers and rocks and forests are the stable places in my life so I related immediately. Gary's wife, Carol Mays, recites several pieces of poetry - on most albums that might break the theme but here it is the perfect addition. Find Gary's profile, take a listen to his message, go to the mountains or forests and be at peace.”

“Gig Review - Gary is quite the singer. Very impressive vocals. He played his 12string very well and ya don't see many solo banjo players either. I hope he comes back. He played some pretty deep songs and some home grown ones and I enjoyed them very much. It wasn't just a bunch of strumming too - the music had a good mix of picking and strumming keeping it interesting and not monotonous. If I was Siskel and Ebert the movie critics, I would give 2 thumbs up. ”