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gage859 / Press

“Yo! Memories is dope man! diggin yr Rappin style.Cool Beats too. Thanks and wish you the best success”


“honestly, usually wen people send me links there music isnt tht good so i didnt kno wat to expect but i listened to your music and it was really good. if you want i can get my friends in georgia and florida to listen to it tellem to like your page ? they would prolli love it.”

Toni Flyn

“inspired very deep tunes keep up the good work”

Sergio Wierd Al Rapovich

“Very good songs here. Great Fell and Flow. Nice Music and Melodies. Diverse songs, everything from: 3 Doors Down, Puddle Of Mudd to Johnny Cash. Nice sounding Rymes”


“I wasnt expecting yo to be that good honestly. But youre really good. I can definally imagen you going far”

Margaret Stamper

“i just listened to freezin. really cool track. I enjoyed it. I am very behind but i will come bk soon and listen to some more tracks. Keep in touch. M.L”


“whats up. i like ur tracks. keep doin what u doin.”


“Cheers from Spain!!!”

Black Drops

“good grinding stay working!”


“We love it! We fanned you! Please fan us back at The Hursts on RN. We will share your music here in Los Angeles. Thanks, Dee Hurst”

The Hursts

“Thanks fam.. i really appreciate it... mixtape coming soon... I'm really diggin your stuff bro... Stay in touch brodee”

StarTrek (RubberBandClan)

“Hello I wanted to come by and let you know I think your songs are really good, was seeing if you could take a listen to mines and let me know what you think, maybe we can network. As I told everyone before we are Def Jam Approved and hopefully if we blow up majorly we can help others as well. Thanks for your time talk to you soon.”


“I'm digging your songs! Check Out my work! My Beats Are Powerful Fam!”


" Badass instrumentals+Gage Tipton+microphone= ONE BADASS track "


“finally got the chance to listen to your tracks man...im feelin it kid...keep it up bruh ”

Carl Coles

“much respect. cool groove you have. Best of luck scott j miserable end”

Miserable End

“Thanks so much for becoming a fan! Nice work! Fresh sounds! Tight beats! Keep it up!”


“glad to surport you love and peace dalush and the click”

Dalush and the Click

“Keep on music ♫ ”

Mr. X

“Great work! All the best to you! ~ Keyla ”

Keyla Reed

“Feeling ya page keep grinding Check us out when you get a chance... ”

Bossin Up Ent.

“Thats wutz up, Keep em Bangin 100 Natees ”

Natees Shakur

" tell gage i may be a country and listen to rock and country. but man his music is just bad a** lol im gonna listen to in special forces school and when im in afghanistan."

Calvin Parker

“you def have good talent and deep lyrics keep up the good work”

Ibrahim Torres

“Gage, bro your music is kickass”

Kenny Ross

“nice track by the way it was nice.”

Ibrahim Torres

“me- appreciate it pimp thats why you get a free cd dj-HECK YES!!!!! wunder how hard they will hit on my 2 15s and 2 10s in my truck :) CANT WAIT!”


“dope. yet agian. bruh.”

David James Estes

“love it bruh keep killin the new song is raw! ”

Sean Crain

“Music goes hard!! Keep it up brah!!”

George Morton

“gage i like that song send me sum music and ladies”

Justin (Gucci) Trent

“Rip it!”

Charissa Rozman

“get it in bruh !!!!!”

Chris Bell

“Wow! Sitting by you in 1st grade I never imagined you'd grow up to be such a talented in spitting lyrics! That's really awesome, congrats dude! P.S You and your girlfriend are super cute, good job :) ”

Heather Spurlock

“-okay made it half way thru the song. how do i get it!? -how to i get it on a cd so i can pump to it in my truck - BUMP! wow that sounded really gay Lmao !”

D.J. Estes

“I like when I'm gone it's good bro ”

Joshua Mitchell

“Love it babe:) keep it up:)”

Mrs. Tipton

“lol finally listened to your music brah...rhymes go hard man ”

George Morton

“gage i like it hahaha ”


“Sup Send me something to hop on..”

Ernest Styles George

“like the song rythem of my life man.”

Cody Campbell

“I love my boyfriend Gage a lot, and all you haters can continue to hate because things aren't changing anytime soon. You don't like us together then don't look and you don't like his music then don't listen but I will continue to support him through his music and anything he decides to do no matter what anyone says becuase that's what we do. Keep up the good work, your music is great, like I've told you before=] ”

Rachel Vaught

“My Jailer wants a copy of your cd”

Patrina Tipton

“When Im gone is REALLY good !”

Corey Harrison

“I like the new songs! ”

Tyler Clem

“that shit tight man.. lol.. i ♥ the johnny cash one ”

Austin Rozman

“Music = God”

Josh Mitchell

“one of the best artists i have worked with, he is very talented!”