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Gabbie McGee / Press

“Chosen from more than 2,000 submissions via Reverbnation, Gabbie McGee is a winner of Belk's Southern Musician Showcase!  Gabbie will have the opportunity to perform in a summer concert tour at the Belk Lounge as part of their LiveNATION partnership. “We have been incredibly impressed by the talent we have seen” in the competition, Jon Pollack, Belk executive vice president of marketing, sales promotion and e-commerce, says in a news release. “We are so proud of these winning Southern musicians, and are looking forward to giving them the opportunity of a lifetime.””

“Wow! Just listened [to] Gabbie McGee very nice... sophisticated and beautifully done...like the chord changes too!”

“In interviewing Gabbie, her answers did reflect the persona I have imagined from her music and lyrics. I appreciate her understanding for songs, rhythm and moods.”

“Mississippi's Daughter speaks volumes, this could be an anthem! Things are going to change and the future is looking brighter! Your voice is an inspiration!!!!!”

“Gabbie McGee offers a harmonious blend of the soul, gospel, jazz, and Mississippi Delta blues, McGee creates a soul-satisfying music experience. Together, all parts of the album-vocals, lyrics, and production-are amazing but what makes Mississippi's Daughter even better is each piece is equally solid on its own. McGee's voice is all homegrown Southern Baptist with overtones of jazz and soul like her vocal inspirations Nina Simone and Sarah Vaughn...”

“Mississippi's Daughter is a pleasing palette of many colors wrapped in a soulful package. "Afterwhile, Afterwhile," spiced with a cool jazz flair, sums up her optimistic attitude about life by quoting a verse from the popular spiritual, "He's Got the Whole World in His Hands."... Vocals: 4.0 stars Music: 3.5 stars Lyrics: 4.0 stars Production: 3.5 stars SoulTracks Call: Highly Recommended”

“It is very rare that I find a CD that I can play over and over again. Most of the music I find in the mainstream is for the club and not for easy listening. I can say that I really enjoyed Mississippi"s Daughter with all its different approaches to the experiences of the singer. My favorite song on the album is "Idealistic Love." The smoothness makes me remember all the wonders of love.”

"Her voice is new to me each time I hear it; she's a red velvet song full of lyrics stitched together with African linen, lined with golden buttons!"

"Gabbie McGee’s music is to the soul what a jumbo pot of southern Gumbo is to your stomach; an endless supply of perfectly blended soul, gospel and jazz. The secret ingredients lie within her flavorful lyrics layered over a comfortable bed of soulful melodies that are sure to have you coming back for more time and time again. Mississippi’s daughter is my new favorite dish.” , Author of "The Gift"

“In an industry full of recycled samples, overused soundbites, fancy editing, and way TOO much Auto Tune, Gabbie McGee brings back a sense of true artistry. With a blend of Jazz, Blues, Gospel, and a little bit of Alternative Rock, Mississippi's Daughter has something for everyone. Full of personality, great writing and excellent production Gabbie takes you on a personal trip though her life! I recommend this album to anyone who loves real music! MISSISSIPPI'S DAUGHTER ROCKS!!!”

“Overall, Mississippi's Daughter is a very satisfying album, with the quality of the production and the obvious gospel influence, Gabbie McGee's perfect voice and the very well-written and beautiful lyrics are spreading love and positivity. I highly recommend it to all music lovers and to anyone who needs a good dose of encouragement, it will definitely put a smile on your face.”

“Pardon my quirky cynicism, I know that all of us are human, and most singers occasionally produce mediocre records; hence my allegiance to Alicia Keys, alone. All the aforesaid apprehension about entertainers held true until I stumbled onto Gabbie McGee.”