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Furlough Fridays / Press

“When the chorus kicks in on Let Me In’s “For Goodness Sakes” and the muted crunchy guitars cut loose, Mental’s sassy, throaty voice soars as the volume jumps and you turn up the car stereo even louder to sing along: “Goodness sakes, what has gotten into you today?/ Don’t you know you’re something, something more than what you think!” If people still made mix CDs, it would make the most kick-ass lead-off track.”

“One of the album’s standout tracks is “Still Water.” It starts with pretty chord arpeggiations, subtle amplifier feedback and crystal-clear vocals. In true Furlough Fridays fashion, that gives way to palm-muted power chords right out of the 1990s, with galloping drums building before the whole band comes together behind one huge riff and a wide open, ear-worm chorus. “We’re not looking for moments to shred,” Adam explained. “We’re looking to unite and make something musical, harmonious and sweet.””

"Tucked away in a homely corner of Chico are sounds that remind me of a rusty toy found in the middle of tall dry grass somewhere in my childhood. That is of course a complimentary description of Furlough Fridays, who from head to toe have something that is very friendly about them. In the way that all best friends have that axiomatic smudge on their cheeks that let you know they are human."

“With a lineup they hope to maintain for a good long while, they are in the process of recording two full albums worth of music at a couple of Chico recording studios—Strange Seed Studios and Origami Lounge. For a band with an uncertain recent history, they believe taking on such a substantial project (or “going all Smashing Pumpkins,” as Adam Yates put it) will allow them to progress creatively.”

“Reminiscent of sultry-voiced rocker Shirley Manson, front woman Minnie Mental is awesome to watch live.”

“Performing live — the energy and feedback they receive from their audience — is something the band truly enjoys, stating that the most rewarding part is "seeing people rock out and genuinely enjoy the music."”