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Fremont John / Press

"Thanks for rocking our house! Still getting feedback on how much people enjoyed the intimate setting and your great songs/sound/performance!!!!"

Dawn Mazur - E-mail

“Fremont John performed for two solid hours without a break, and the audience never took one either! We were mesmorized by his amazing guitarwork, his passion for vocal integrity, and his command of message in song. This was an evening to remember.”

“What a great night....Fremont John was the very best choice for our opening night. His guitar skills and his singing are exceptional and we were spellbound for two hours. He never took a break, and we loved every minute of it!”

“Fremont John Ashton here at Ruthie's...this guy is so good, and has played with some of the best...we are honored to have him here! A good crowd, all mesmerized by the music.”

“During a recent interview, Patrick McCarty stated, "I must say, you are just so talented...people need to hear your music. Fremont John, a terrific talent....he's original and wonderful and plays great stuff." Hear the interview at the link below.”

"I spoke with a few people who had the opportunity to catch your performance and they said you were wonderful!" ..... "We will definitely keep in contact regarding events next summer and Harvest Festival next fall."

Kathy Maclean, Director, Ludington Area Chamber of Commerce - via e-mail to FJ

"Fremont John and his local musician friends performed Saturday night at Peterson Auditorium, raising even more money than originally thought....plus several hundred pounds of food, all donated to local food pantries. The Rev. Wayne Wheeler of St. Simon Catholic Church said ...."Fremont John did an exceptional job, including some outstanding local talents," he said. Wheeler said ..."the churches serve 800 to 1,000 families throughout Mason County each month." The show, in its second year, featured both original and cover music by Fremont John.

".......you and your band were a hit, thanks. Let me know when you're coming back to the area in 2013 ASAP."

"I loved you playing here and will get you back asap!"

"One of the greatest musical shows ever to perfom in Ludington was the July 9 Fremont John and Friends benefit for St. Simons & St. Jerome Food Pantries. Las Vegas has nothing on the concert, it was fabulous. Standing ovations and applause for the talented performers were the norm." "He (Fremont John) is an extremely talented musician and composer."

“Regarding the July, 2011 concert for the benefit of the food bank. "A great concert for a great cause" "Fremont John put on one of the best concerts I have attended in a long time."”

"...your performance the other night was exceptional and it made me want to come home and throw rocks at my guitar! Seriously, it was very inspiring and my gig Sunday night left me asking the question with each song, "How in the hell does he do it?"

Gary Riley, Lead Guitar, Alternators - e-mail to FJ

“Some absolutely superb string work from Fremont John & friends... 10 great tracks featuring his guitar and keyboard work. If it's laid-back with a truly "continental" vibe you're lookin' for, try out "Europa"... a bit longer than many at 7:36, but it's a genuinely vibrant tune that displays a love for life & the living of it! For those listeners who want nothin' but instrumental bliss, this is absolutely the ticket...and John's talent shines through in his ability to inspire you to kick back with him & the other players joining him on the CD. My favorite piece was "Slippery When Wet", probably 'coz of th' bluesy ride to oblivion it takes you on... a truly "sweet" tune! I give this one a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for listeners across all spectrums, with an "EQ" (energy quotient) rating of 4.97. Get more information at www.fremontjohn.com”

“RE: "Guitar Songs" CD...... this is by far your best sound. Tremendous guitar work!”

"I must tell you that you are so well liked by many of our locals at Willie T's, they always want to know when your next booking with us will be."

“It is with profound professional pride and pleasure that we thank you for the incredible performance and experience this past Friday. It was a stellar, ‘first class’ performance. We do our best to bring performers of the highest quality to our community and “Fremont John” fit right in…the audience loved you and the band! You had us totally captivated with your great stage presence and original tunes…it was an unforgettable experience. We’ve had tremendously positive feedback from the audience and the only question is, “when will you be back?” Now that you’re part of the Dogwood Center family of entertainers, we hope you’ll put us on your schedule again for July 2011 when you return to Michigan! You, and each member of your band, have been blessed with the wonderful gift of music and we wish you fun and profound success throughout the year.”

"In the current musical world of beats and brashness, Guitar Songs is a breath of fresh air! Sensitive and lyrical, these instrumentals are delivered in a manner that invites the listener in. Fremont John has given his fans yet another reason to listen closely."

"A good instrumental CD is difficult to make but this one (Guitar Songs) is excellent."

Pete Gallagher - WMNF 88.5FM, Tampa, FL

"John’s sound is clean ...acoustic lead tone is wonderful; clear and crisp but also warm. He...sticks to tasteful melodic lead playing over top his balanced rhythm guitar parts." "John is an accomplished player...and it shows in his tasteful playing and tight but fluid arrangements."

“Fremont John's treatment of the songs ...always meticulous and masterful..." "..display the artist’s easy command of the instrument.." "all serve as testament to an artist who may be Tampa Bay's most seasoned and professional original singer/songwriter."”