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Freddy Walker / Press

“Let it rain is really a great song. Very well written with good production and a good sound. Probably one of the best 80s style songs I have heard since the 80s. Nice Job!”

“Freddy, really like the songs--a lot--they sound "epic" like the old days when songs would tell one big long story--like a journey--nice job! and thanks for sharing!!!”

“Freddy.....this spoke right to my heart, yet another one of your beautiful songs that will haunt me. (Demons)”

"When sitting down with recording artist Freddy Walker you instantly pick up on the high energy that he kicks out."

“This guy's a real star ! One of the brightest to appear in very recent years. Get behind him people and let him know it !!!! I, for one, rate him a 10 plus !!!!”

“ "Loving the remix!!! I listen to this kind of stuff all the time so I am an expert at that genre and this fits in (if not better) than most of the stuff I hear coming out. Great work!"”

"He has great beats that are easy to move to.."

“One of my friends told me about your Let It Rain song and how amazing voice you have. I listened to that song 33 times........ I am in love with your voice you are an AMAZING singer.............. Thank you for making a beautiful music for all of us............God bless you and your band.”

“Hi I'm glad i found your music today It's been a long time since I enjoyed new music Let It Rain i like this tune”

“I love your songs, especially Get, which is truly inspiring and poetic. Wonderful music! Wishing you all the best!”

“Let It Rain takes me back to a good place. All the best.”

“Oh wow....hit ur site 2 double check the email 2 update and was hit with Let It Rain....Too much my Robert Smith/Church/Cult influence on ur Collins-ness :) I actually <3 'ed it so much I listened 2 it again which it rarely happens...and wow....that's. Piano..so beautifull..u should duet with philip glass if he des Serial, ur one song is Johnny cash juxtaposed w/ philip glass &thomas newman”

““I like ur music... stranger is my fav so far... you have a great voice...but what I really like is the dreamer I can perceive in the things u say and do... the best in u is something u haven’t shared yet... I sense that…...its intoxicating… Nice to have u around... I love dreamers.” ”

“Wow, thanx for the request! You know, I get a lot of requests and I check each one out & only add those I like. Normally, I will listen to the beginning of a song and jump over to the middle to see how the main body sounds and I can usually get a feel for a song and I know right away if I like it. Then I skip to the next track to check it out. I will listen more to those I like better. When Let it Rain came on, I listened & I didn't skip forward. I just let it play. I decided pretty quickly I liked it. When I would normally jump ahead to see what the next song was like, I found I was unable to stop playing it. I wound up listening from beginning to end. I LOVE the sound of it! ”

“Freddy what can I say?! How about OMFG I loved your work, when I read refreshing I pretty much discounted it. In a past life I did quite a bit of work with local bands in this area putting together concerts and venues in the surrounding areas. I thought I had heard it all. I never make it past anyone's first song, I listened to all of yours!!!!!! Your lyrics touch the heart, and the melodies are all new, different, and they stay with you. Hurry up and put some more of your music up I would like to share it with people I know who would really enjoy your work.”

Amanda from NC - FAN

"...you sound so "Tool"- Maynard Keenan at times vocally on the "Stranger" track. ;) " Doreen T. from New Jersey

"Living in a World that is not Ordinary at all...Listening to this song and loving it so much for the last 20 years made it so. "Ordinary World" has done so much for my life and helped me through the most trying of times. Finally a very special friend of mine will help me to validate that. Love you Freddy Walker! I never will forget that night on South Street."

“I absolutely LOVE your "SOUND". I have an eclectic taste in music and your music is unique and special. Not just from the prospective of a lover of music but as an expressive dancer as well. Your music takes me to another plane.”

Lori from L.A. - Fan

“Awesome song! Great words...really like it! ”

Melissa from Philadelphia - FAN

“Listened to that song again this morning- it is gripping”

Mark M. from Maine - Fan

“I miss the time- I miss the light of day. No words to speak-nothing that you should say. Dude I get chills when I think of it! ”

Ron R- Palm Beach - Fan

“I wish there were more like Freddy AWESOME!!”

B.R. from NYC - FAN

“Dude, nice page, and killer tune. Stranger is killer....Love your style man, if there was someone like you out here I'd give being a Rock Star one last shot. ”

D.S. from CA - FAN