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Frank Weyzig / Press

“Got the "Stargazing" album off iTunes today. And I'm completely blown away by it. The sonic nature and flow of the project in its entirety, presents a mesmerising and unique journey that goes well beyond even those high expections I'd held for it, since previews first knocked me sideways last year. No bull. In my opinion, the album is a Masterpiece. A Classic. And I'm thrilled to bits to finally have it in my collection. ”

Exile Pots - Exile Pots - Reverbnation

"Frank Weyzig used to be one of the original members of Clan Of Xymox. For some reasons Frank left the band and some years later he came back with Born For Bliss. In 1997 there was the release of their debutalbum "Flowing with the flue", Two years later the band had a second album "Between Living & dreaming". The big frustration was that back then not one label was interested in releasing this album, until now as the German Echozone-label decided to give it a release. Mind you, Born For Bliss aren't back as Frank is now playing with White Rose Transmission, the band from Carlo Van Putten and the sadly missed Adrian Borland. It's a shame this album never got released as once again Born For Bliss are bringing psychedelic goth-rockwave that sometimes (hey that's strange) refers to The Sound, at other times (true is true) to the Xymoxsound. You got the picture? This is a brilliant gothwaverecord that finally deserves to see the lights. Oooh in love with a ten year old album."

"BORN FOR BLISS was founded in 1994 and it deserved popularity among lovers of the first wave of gothic rock or new wave. But it should be said that the band’s music also contains the echoes of clear dark wave, musical complexity typical for PINK FLOYD and melodic effects of pop rock. It feels like we become witnesses of birth and development of new style which is hard to find now in its original form because of the intensive infusions of dark electro and industrial. Maybe that’s why it’s so pleasant to listen to ‘Between Living & Dreaming’: live guitars, crystal piano passages, unobtrusive symphonic arrangements, rather diverse drums, deep heartfelt vocals and accessible lyrics make a listener forget of the reality at least for about 75 minutes however all the compositions are so impressive that could remain in one’s memory much longer then that. BORN FOR BLISS created a peculiar work indeed which is worthy to listen to again and again. 9.3 out of 10 points!"

“The ghostly darkness evoked by the fourth release of the White Rose Transmission, a project where the glittering creative wit and whimsical poetry by Carlo Von Putten (member of Dead Guitars) and Adrian Borland, the late lamented soul of The Sound whose warm shadow's still casted onto this band's music, on this occasion supported by the musical skills by ex-Clan of Xymox guitarist Frank Weyzig and Rob Keijzer, is able to haunt listener's ear just like a web crafted by an expert spider. Intense guitar lines are enriched by piano touches and backing vocals, both of them being elements highlighting the pathos of the whole album and I can easily imagine Adrian's nodding at these guys when he magically reappears in Foreign Land, an edited and re-arranged version of Love Is Such A Foreign Land, a track issued on Adrian's last somewhat prophetical album The Last Days Of The Rain Machine. It's like he lives again' ”

“White Rose Transmission is best known as the collaboration between Carlo van Putten (Dead Guitars) and Adrian Borland (The Sound) until Adrian's untimely death in 1999. Spiders In The Mind Web is chapter number four of White Rose Transmission and is now augmented by Frank Weyzig (Born For Bliss, ex-Clan Of Xymox) and Rob Keijzer. The result is a sober album in a singer-songwriter manner with a strong emphasis on (acoustic) guitar and vocals with added touches of bass, piano, percussion and keyboards. A brittle, shadowy atmosphere is radiated throughout the album with "Wildest horses" and "Glittering green" as the, arguably, most alluring songs. Adrian Borland is hailed with the inclusion of "Foreign land" that features Adrian on vocals. It is an edited and re-arranged version of "Love is such a foreign land". With Spiders In The Mind Web the legacy of White Rose Transmission and Adrian Borland is continued and preserved with care.”