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FLAtRich ~ Rich La Bonte / Press

“Just had a belting time listening to your tracks. Fun AND involving. 'John Ford' is a stunner, those 'Toast Particulates' especially tasty (love the "wahing" organics), and 'Nothing Is Left Here' plays the dream I keep getting. Enyoyed the whole lot. - Exile Pots, Manchester, UK”

Exile Pots, Manchester, UK

"Weird stuff all over the map. Sometimes Beatles on LSD, sometimes powerpop. Really like Frack and Frell and your use of words..." In Fell Traitors, Denver, CO

In Fell Traitors, Denver, CO

"Freakin' Fantastic. Every tune. No kidding."

Johnny Nowhere Manhattan NY - Johnny Nowhere Manhattan NY

"Great universe is here, I love your music!"

Ryo Utasato - Ryo Utasato, Tokyo

"If you want to hear some mind-bending soundscapes that challenge your very senses listen to FLATRICH. Such musical imagination is a marvel and an enjoyment to listen to."

Salariatus, Houston TX - Salariatus, Houston TX

"THIS IS ROCK AND ROLL album is fantastic. I've always known you are a great songwriter, someone who knows how to construct a song piece-by-piece from the ground up, and the new album is chock full of gems. It's also well-programmed, varying the textures and moods and tempos masterfully..."

Bill Shute - Bill Shute, Kendra Steiner Editions

"This music is a great experience and something new with every tune... all of it a must have."

Delaney Simpson, San Francisco CA - Delaney Simpson, San Francisco CA

"...pop mellowisms that float yer head right off into never neverland back to back with insanely hep and speedy punk/new wave ditties that crunch and buzz round the room ... face melting psychedelic folk rock that soars into the sky, and oozing proto-plasmic punk material that totally demolishes."

Cary Grant - Cary Grant, And then the chimney spoke

"Expect the unexpected! Every single track here is a total gem filled with nuance and are completely, utterly brilliant! That is style Rich!"

Cinderz - Cinderz, RN

"...a warped savant who gleefully mixes British Invasion power pop hooks with post-punk/new wave oddball flourishes and DIY production."

J Penny - J Penny, Electric To Me Turn