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“Attention, Mellotron a gogo and chef d'oeuvre. Most progheads make a sort of fixation on THE definitive prog instrument (outside the flute that is) and even if some of us won't admit it, we all drool and melt at the sound of it, a bit like Quasimodo did for Esmeralda, the Big Bertha did for ten Big Macs or Sylvester did for Tweety. And generally most progheads to cherish the lone albums of Spring and Morte Macabre. But I got for you another baby that puts to shame the one I just mentioned and it is more prog than those two combined (yessir!!! ;- puts them to shame in the mellotronic dept. And not only is this album rather unique and awesome, obviously the guys from Landberk and Anekdoten (this is what Morte Macabre was really) obviously heard this album and inspired themselves rather heavily on it. Flamen Dialis: a Breton prog group that started as the trio Yecta Plus Band in 71, but acquired a more standard line-up with the arrival Didier Le Gallic in 76 and released a single in 7”

Sean Trane - Prog Folk

“Impressive and original release from this 70's French band. The project seems to incorporate and infiltrate some ancient mythologies and turn it into music for a really passionate, "cosmic" enigmatic "trip". The Mellotron contributes to make this album a highway to a spacey, adventurous journey throw the antique past and the astral nebulous. It sounds a bit like early Tangerine Dream at their most experimental moments (essentially in the visceral , naturalistic "atem"), delivering immersive electronic incantations and abstract visceral atmospheres. "Deadle vers du retour" starts with a brilliant, monotnous melody including electronic keys sounding like a flute, almost pastoral epic acoustic guitars. "Meandres envoutés" is a moody, rather dark, electronic invention, conjugating different synth voices, really weird but always fascinating and introspective. "Arc en lumire" is a marvellous synthesised orchestration for dreamy soundscapes. That is obvi”