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First In Space / Press

“WOW!! After two very cool solo outings, Johnny Stanec has re-convened his critically-acclaimed trio with their best effort yet!The record comes out of the block smokin' with "Downtown War" and "Kicking Through The Door" - two hook-filled gems that are propelled by some crunchy guitars and band gusto that permeate the entire record! This is a side of First IN Space that we haven't seen before - and it's quite nice we might add! If you love power with your pop then this one's for you! Can't say enough about this one! GREAT!!!”

“The first three song titles ("Downtown War", "Kicking Through the Door", and "Drinking With Enemies") are indicative of their new-found tougher sound, more in line with The Replacements.”

“Chock-full of harmonies, hooks and big guitars... First In Space is a band that should be in your orbit.”


“Pues es la bomba este disco, guitarras descomunales, energía a raudales, melodías con gancho y voces empastadas a la perfección, a veces parecen una mezcla de Gin Blossoms con Green Day de los mejores tiempos. Me encanta, ha sido un retorno brutal. Este es otro grupo GRANDE, la grandeza la mayoría de las veces está en la pequeñez de las cosas, no hace falta ser conocido y admitido por 100.000 personas, sino que basta con que a tí te llegue al fondo todo lo que hacen.”

"Have you ever listened to a CD for the first time, and within the first few seconds of song #1, you get the feeling that this is going to be a great CD all the way through? Well, you can put this one it that category! It picks up right where their debut left off and is simply a home run. It's full of guitar hooks wedded to emotionally evocative lyrics. The band manages to be at once crisp and powerful, occasionally finding grooves to settle into, but never straying far from the dramatic needs of each song. 10 tracks of all killer, no filler.

Kool Kat Musik

“I don’t know why, but somehow there always seems to be some sort of bullshit surrounding First In Space. Maybe I missed something, but I don’t quite see how a band that sounds like the Replacements/Libertine/Tom Petty should be that controversial. Then again it is Youngstown so I regress. “Geronimo” is an outstanding showcase of this Springsteenesque trio. It’s soulful, the lyrics are introspective and the vocals are arguably the best in the area. It’s clean, it’s catchy, it’s chalked full of guitar hooks – it’s as if they’ve taken The Replacements one step further which is no small feat. “They Won’t Catch Me Now,” “Taking Over” and “Stuck Around You” are instant classics. I don’t know what you might of heard about this band. But I’m telling you, this trio is damn good. - 8/10”

Buzzbin Magazine

“Youngstown, Ohio's First IN Space have delivered a very promising (2007) debut that's chock full of jangle and first-rate songwriting! "The track 'Jenny' opens the album with strong guitar chords and drumming, but it gets even better as the album plays on. I took notice of the melodic 'Taken For Granted' which remind me of both Tom Petty and Joe Jackson. The awesome 'What You Need' has a Posies flavor to it that was just catchy and irresistible. The band brings classic rock harmonies to these tracks that help make them true pop gems. The power pop comes through in the richly detailed 'Lock It Away' and those great builds to a chorus in 'Wasted Time'. Other songs have varied influences, 'In The Water' and 'Last One' have a slight REM vibe, but the group has a sound that merely touches these influences without sacrificing any originality."”

Rock & Roll Report