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Felonious Bosch / Press

“All together, they’ve done punk, Celtic, dub reggae, swing, Persian, and we’ll just call the rest indie. Felonious starts in rock but where they go from there changes from song to song... When Felonious Bosch swallowed the globe, they succeeded and created something truly original.”

“I hope many people will challenge themselves to try this fascinating music. It is quite accessible in spite of its originality, which is always the mark of a successful release.”

“...boundary breaking album includes a mix of original eccentric folk with a punk attitude, as well as pieces from various European cultures... ...a box of musical surprises...”

"...excentricos gringos..." -- one of the best releases of 2010. "...combines Celtic, Balkan and Middle Eastern, with many psychedelic touches."

“On the heels of their latest collection of Eastern European mixed with Middle Eastern melodies and rhythms, Toybox, the hybrid world music and psychedelic rock sextet have curated this evening and inspired the one-night-only collaboration.”

“A band that's come of age, where the shadows loom large, but the music drives onward with power and sweet, luminous grace.”

Chris Nickson

“There are an absolutely daunting number of instruments on the stage, but every member of the band plays astoundingly well.”

“...full of surprises, combining pop-rock elements such as a driving backbeat and doo-wop style bari sax, with dark-ages percussion, wind instrumentation and other-worldly song structures. ...extremely talented musicians, complimented by a brave vocalist. Felonious Bosch will never leave you bored...”

Pam Hill Kroyer - KFAI DJ comment

“..."New Dark Ages" is very aptly titled. Although it might contain some elements of folk and world music... they're very much a rock band with their own vision colored in differing shades of black.”

“...intriguing, appealing... often mesmerizing tracks... ...there's a lighter-than-air quality to these songs, even as they often revolve around drones. Unusual and unusually attractive, Felonious Bosch gives folk tradition a 3.0 upgrade.”

“...brings the beating heart of American rock'n'roll to graceful European traditions in a way that's really quite distinctive -- I've heard a lot of early music/rock fusions, but no one else has done it quite like this.”

“...fuse(s) the warring impulses of punk and progressive rock with a cross-cultural traditional sound shot through with jazz tendencies.”

Dirty Linen

“...dark lyrics sung by her soaring voice. A delightfully schizoid recording that shakes you up with its light seeming sound floating through the heart of darkness...”

“...cross-pollinates European roots with a huge slug of Arabian atmosphere and a grungy undercurrent.”

“...quite a tease here. While each song harkens back to a different place in a different time, they are all instantly catchy and stick with you long after the CD leaves the tray.”

“'knocked me on my ass,' as the saying goes...”