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Famous Nobodies / Press

“.new minitape from Boston’s Famous Nobodies ‘DJ Real P’… titled ‘Modern Man’… tape is crazy… get in your pops cadillac, roll down the windows, and let the tape ride… it’ll carry you…”

“The Famous Nobodies, out of Boston, stay making hot music. With this official video just released, they stay true to their city, their music, and their fans. Peep the background to a glimpse into the City of Boston and pay attention to the locally designed tees. FN stay on their game! Tight!”

“I could write an entire essay why I adore the youngins who adorn themselves as The Famous Nobodies. However, it is 2am and I am tired so I will keep it simple. Maybe its their work ethic. Real hustlas recognize real hustlas. Maybe its their handle of grassroots marketing. They can promote the ish out of air. Maybe its their SWAG. Cute. Confident.Charismatic. Maybe its that they are a family and as a solo act I admire having family that believes in your dreams as much as you do. They ROLL deep, but when you see them, you see them all. Maybe it’s the MEAN female rapper on their team. MEAN as in ILL as in FAB as in TALENTED- Ms. DutchRebelle. I have an affinity for female rappers and she my friends –HAS IT. Maybe its the great music wth the catchy hooks and that smooth flow with that all too necessary #MESSAGE.”

“Being that I work on and for radio–I appreciate well made and promoted music.Im also a huge fan of Boston’s own fly & uber fresh crew-The Famous Nobodies. They released their video for “Always on It” one of my favorite songs a few weeks back and now their Protools & Bullshit mixtape. Classic line:”See them haters over there…need to file OUT!” “Pour it on ’Em” I concur. On that note, just take my lead and do something that will be beneficial to you: Download it RIGHT NOW…”

“Absolutely love these guys now!!!! :D”

MeghanRI - NEHH

“i like them a lot. jimmie shoes'n lollol. ;)”

Allisha - NEHH

“i REALLY like these guys right here.”


“These cats are on some fresh and new shit.”

New Haven Naven - NEHH

“they gonna be big!”

Chico - NewEnglandHipHop.com

“You have to issue me an extreme late pass on this one. They first caught major attention with the single “Jimmie Shoes”. (I’m feeling “Always On It” a bit more though.) But thinking that was all they had would be a serious mistake. They had a party vibe on that but you can tell they are MC’s who love wordplay. Feels like they are about 150 deep. Maybe thats because they are doing a good job of placing themselves in the clubs, on the net and in the street. They are everywhere. This is a good introduction to some cats on the verge of something big.”

G. Valentino Ball - twitter

“Jimmie Shoes'n lol I love it.”

Alyssa - NEHH

“Since I've been in Boston 3 MOVEMENTS have gained my respect: @followdeanslist @FamousNobodies & @TheUrbanNerdz I wish great success to each”

xAviles - Twittet

“i love these guys i am absolutly there biggest fan and i knw there gonna make it big i hope to meet them one day cause there the **** :) JIMMY SHOES!!!!!”

maggie - NEHH

“wow! ok these guys are AWESOME! they put the b.s. and tuff guy talk aside and just enjoy life and music. i respect that.”

Ricky Stix - NEHH