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“FAULT: Is there anybody who you would love to work with today? Dave Pemberton. FAULT: Do you like to listen to other artists when recording or shut yourself away and work on your own music? I am on and off on this. FAULT: What is your FAULT? To Have forgotten the Divine in my teen age wild years. We’re in the Heart* Record cover : copyright Artwork :Max Mala, copyright photo:Ami Barwell. Websites : www.castlestrangerecords.com www.reverbnation.com/extraballe Management: Robert Singerman*”

"Marty McCool Music Reviews, Posted on Jun 16, 2010 at 11:47 AM Jean Jovenet & Extraballe - ‘The Most Secret Man’ – a most welcome purification The music of Jean Jovenet (Jay Jay) and Extraballe constitutes something of a musical purification in these times of rampant egomania and celebrity. For Jean Jovenet is a man who is interested in getting back to the essence of what music is about and the heart of the creative process. " - Marty Mc Cool's, Marty Mc Cool's Music Reviews (Feb 16, 2011)

Marty Mc Cool - Marty Mc Cool's Music

“‘The Most Secret Man’ is an album that simultaneously reveals and conceals the man that is Jean Jovenet. A mystique has surrounded this artist and this album plays out with the ephemerality of an Autumn day, one you wished didn’t have to end, yet there is a timeless quality to Jovenet’s musical brushstrokes. This album is the mystery of time itself; it is infused with the sadness of time passing and suffused with the memory and tempo of musical eras before the pollution of the art. ”

Marty Mc Cool - Marty Mc Cool's Music Reviews

“Is Jean Jovenet a time traveller? This album firmly begs the question. To me it’s as if Jovenet had a musical time machine to transport and immerse himself in musical eras past and seemingly buried, only to return to us and bring them gloriously back to life. There remains an enlightened few who continue to carry the torch from those great eras of the past and Jean Jovenet is one of its custodians today. This is music of such force and purity that it hoses away the pollution of other so-called rock acts and renews our hope in the genre. Jovenet’s purist approach shines through in the integrity of his music and his writing has gained him justified comparisons to some of the greats such as David Bowie and Jim Morrison. ‘The Most Secret Man’ brings back something of the spirit of Jim Morrison but Jean Jovenet lights his own fire in a time when unique artists are exceedingly hard to come by.”

Marty Mc Cool - Marty Mc Cool's Music Reviews