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INtramentalist / Press

“Ethan, I must say I am highly impressed. People don't just listen to your music, they experience it. The ambiant sounds from your compositions are breathe taking. Well done sir!”

Prudencer - Reverbnation artist

“Your music transcends genres..Amazing....your a master composer my friend!”

STORM - Reverbnation artist

"Desolation Plain" is dark, introspective, and oddly comforting. Great composition and production. The piano in "Far Far Out To Sea" is faster than most people can play and you're using it as a rhythm part. That's just badass! Excellent work.

Xavier Xerxes - Reverbnation artist

“We are lovin' WIND RISIING an amazing incorporation of strings and haunting vocals into the looping riff and "bells and whistles" totally unique! brazenly original....”

Jeff Rush - Reverbnation Artist

“Wonderful productions. (He Dreams) creative and gripping composition with incredible pondiferous tension. Cheers!”

Mack - AITG / Agony In The Garden

“GREAT songs Ethan! My favorite so far is "Dream of Light"! Listening for the 2nd time and am mesmerized by the flute sounds and percussion! So cool! Beautiful work! Lon”

Lon - The Space Sharks

“Wonderful style of layers and textures in all your tunes. I really enjoyed "Desolation Plain" and "Far Far Out To Sea." Great music for Film/TV! Wishing you much success...PC”

Paul Christopher - Reverbnation Artist

“Checking out Desolation Plane. This is really awesome. Reminds of some music that would be on Highlander. Love these drums, and this awesome synth melody. Sounds like an oboe. This is some really amazing music.-TRUTH, KNOWLEDGE, RESPECT”

The Nonsense Buffer Of Anti-Nonsense Networking - Reverbnation Artist

“Magnificent soundscapes and moods....cool stuff!”

Andy - The oOhz

“Beautiful music! Layered well, great production and rocks! Much enjoyed the atmosphere ♥”

Poppy Silver - Orbitally Re-Arranged Monatomic Elements (O.R.M.E.)

“Strange and Sophisticated! "da Mattah" takes your ears on a sonic journey. PeaCe”

ElipTic - Reverbnation Artist

"WIND RISING" absolutely moves the soul. --- Sooo good, Ethan. --- the creativity, well thought patterns, textures full of LIFE.

NYTE EEGLE - Reverbnation Artist

“Original, very intelligent compositions. Great musicianship Ethan.”

Robert Wild & Steven Welsh - Wild&Welsh

“Oh, I so love "Wind Rising" Wow!!! Love how the counterpoint and intrigue sound effects intertwine to a phenomenal event!!! This builds with great intrigue!!!You are inspiring and so creative!!!!Love to you!!!”

DestinationDawn - Reverbnation Artist

"DESOLATION PLAIN" is fantastic!

Robert Trent - Reverbnation artist

“i am mesmerized by your beautiful music!”

Carly - Reverbnation artist

“Your sound is sparkling and juicy!”

Jessica Belkin - Reverbnation artist

“fantastic skills on the keyboards here my friend creating these rich, imaginative and melodic pieces..nice reggae groove for "day of the dove" and really enjoyed that oboe/string melody for "desolation plain"..very cool work!!”

MikeWhitePresents - Reverbnation artist

“I loved Dream Light by the way. Truly warm, delicious, haunting yet with a feel good vibe. Loved it!”

Carmen Amoros - Reverbnation artist

"Wind Rising" is a gem . .. but only slightly ahead of some beautifully crafted journeys and creations, thank you and g'day from Tasmania Aus :)

ian paulin - Reverbnation artist

“Ethan's work on the keys is wonderfully enticing.”

rK - Amyrrohn

“This is cool creative work Ethan. Stylistically, it has a bit more of an Experimental/Avant Garde quality....I like what you're doing here. Impressive musicianship and loads of originality.”


“Keep up that awesome Electronica Jam <3 Kellie”

Kellie Luvella - Reverbnation artist

“Cool, evocative and original sound”

TURE&#x27;E - Reverbnation artist

“Hey man, really digging all of your songs. I just played Desolation Plain twice! I can picture movie scenes from your soundscapes......keep rocking and keep making those awesome songs!”

Lon - The Space Sharks

“I´ve listend to your music and I really love you style, it´s very uniqe. Just excellent!!”

Sabina Chantouria - Reverbnation artist

“Love the music, especially 'Wind Rising' with the use of voices and that riff that sucks you into almost a trance. Great work”

Sattwa - Reverbnation artist

"Desolation Plain" is an amazing instrumental, the structure and sound is awesome!

Pete - The Honest Mistake Band

“Cool sound, especially like the songwriting.”

Marlan - Reverbnation artist

“I really like your music & respect your style ! keep up the good work !”

Daniel Bern - Reverbnation artist

“I'm really enjoying your music! Keep up the great work, cant wait to hear what you do next!”

Bee-Anre Chamley - Reverbnation artist

“You are simply AMAZING! Thank you so much for your support. May you experience volumes of success and love. God bless...”

Drew - 4given

“Stoppin in to give you a big nod of support in Richmond VA! Great talent that needs to be shared!”

Route 64 - Reverbnation artist

“DREAM OF LIGHT,EXCELLENT track man,love it,stay groovy,thank you,peace !!!!! alien recommendation:)”

Nico Minescu - Reverbnation artist

“Impressive and inventive songs. I love the exciting, exotic sound of "da Mattah." Keep the musical creativity flowin'”

Juliann Andreen - Reverbnation artist

“Wow Ethan, love your sound. Very impressive tunes, keep it up !!”

Kimmy B Shade - Reverbnation artist

“What a beautiful music, Took me on wonderful journey. Absolutely brilliant!”

Ryo Utasato - Reverbnation artist

"Amazing sounds~ your music travels some amazing paths."

KC Daleigh - Reverbnation artist

“Wind Rising.......This song Is Fantastic”

Black Lung - Reverbnation artist

"Impressive and inventive songs. I love the exciting, exotic sound of "da Mattah." Keep the musical creativity flowin'"

Juliann - Juliann Andreen

"Notice you said you had played for over 40 years. THAT is OBvious, brother. I can see you use your classical roots to good advantage. "Desolation Plain" is deliciously musical putting strong wings to those roots. Thanks again for the follow that got me to check you out. More than happy to accord whatever approbation we can on such a deserving musician."

Mark - Living Waters Music