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Estocar / Press

“We really admire the way these folks are marketing themselves. This CD features artwork handmade from various LP sleeves...transformed/recycled into a simple CD cover. And instead of a specific numbered edition, the inside is marked "one of 'em out of a few hundred" (haw haw!). Metaphorically Speaking was recorded at Tiny Telephone Studios in San Francisco in 2009. Estocar tunes sounds something like a modern underground cross between The B-52s and The Talking Heads. The tunes are bright and upbeat and feature some really killer danceable rhythms. Sounds like these folks had a lot of fun recording this album. Top picks: "Painted Black Enamel," "Model Citizen Melee," "Throwin' Eyeballs."”

“Estocar is an interesting hybrid. The band’s influences are fairly easy to spot, but after listing them out, there’s no way you’d think they could make any sense together. But somehow on newest album Faux Fiction, they do. That said, Estocar is still an acquired taste, beginning with lead singer/guitarist Lance Hofstad’s atypical voice that sounds like a more gothic version of the Tragically Hip’s Gord Downie mixed with some David Byrne and Fred Schneider. Matched with staccato rhythms and post-punk energy courtesy of drummer Sean Kearney that’s equal parts Wire, a hint of Dead Boys, and even some early dBs jangle pop, and you have a band that sounds unlike any other. The easiest entry point on Fiction is Catch My Drift, a classically structured verse-chorus-verse tune with a sunny melody drifting behind Hofstad’s vocals. A Lot of Dust Kicked Up and Menage a Fatwa boast elements reminiscent of Killing Joke while 1000 x yes is a dreamy, Psychedelic Furs-esque tune.”

“Menage a Fatwa is groovy rhythms, strange rhythms, very melodic whilst still retaining the darkness you can either immerse yourself in, take solace from, or simply ignore and enjoy the fantastic music.”

“Esotcar's album Faux Fiction grabbed my attention from the start, and didn't let go until the 36th final minute, and even then I went back to track 8 for another listen. The vocal delivery and effects are reminiscent of the original New Wave style; upfront and powerful. Synth is used very tastefully on each track, which is perfect because the rhythms are mesmerizing as they are. Estocar has some great imagery in the lyrics, particular on Come In Water Tower and Catch My Drift is a radio ready song. I must say I enjoyed this album all the way through, and will be spinning it again soon. Stand out tracks: 3. Come In Water Tower 8. Catch My Drift 9. Menage A Fatwa”

“Menage a Fatwa is my new safe word”

Phil Niekro - Knuckleball Digest

“What sets Estocar apart, however, is the way each song’s insistent groove burrows into your brain. You begin listening to Faux Fiction thinking you’ve never heard anything like it. But as you settle in, your toes start tapping and you discover an overwhelming desire to shake your ass. Who doesn’t like that?”

“Faux Fiction is a combo of smart songwriting, pummeling drum beats and dense layers of sonic goodness!”

“at least they won't be unoriginal”

“tops or bottoms estocar is versatile”

“cool sound, B52's crossed with the Talking Heads, except that Estocar rocks harder”

ryan - urban cheese

“a seattle band that twists and turns playing listenable music as pretty and happy as modest mouse one minute and snarling snotty sex pistols the next”

patrick - nexus underground

“I donʼt get it, but I dig it”

Steve Fisk - During the recording of guitars dubs in Columbia City

“very quirky and fun and a little bit weird in a good way ”

three imaginary girls - kexp audioasis