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Escaping Pavement / Press

“It’s a combination between their beautiful harmonization, country edge, and energetic backing that makes for a show not to be missed.”

“Rustic and graceful, there’s still plenty of playfulness with blues ideas, as these old souls in young bodies pen warm, sincere songs that digest so easily.”

“Escaping Pavement’s success will inevitably be traced to two factors: 1. The two founding members, Emily Burns and Aaron Markovitz, studied music closely in college taking in a variety of styles and 2. They both share a love and reverence for the music that has come before. Escaping Pavement blends a mix of Americana and Folk for an incredibly engaging sound. Burn This Bridge is from their album UpRooted.”

"Drive Me to Sadness" finds Markovitz at his best, with a soulful Americana sound ala Darius Rucker. This is the catchiest song on the album, and the one most like to breach the crystal tower of commercial radio.

"....UpRooted will be remembered as one of the best Americana debuts of 2013."

"....one of the most dynamic Americana/rock bands out of Detroit, Michigan. Burns and Markovitz split lead vocal and lead guitar duties, opening up a realm of possibilities with their mix of personal styles. Escaping Pavement’s debut album, UpRooted, shows a delicious mix of Americana, country and classic rock styles, with two dynamic vocalists giving it all they’ve got."

“This Los Angeles Music Academy educated, Detroit, Michigan based quartet entered Tempermill Studios in Ferndale, MI to create this folk-rockin’-altercana master blend. Emily produced the album with the help of engineer Tony Hamera..... Everything the band has been working on for the past several years has led up to this release and it is fine wine, folks.”

“UpRooted is what would happen if The Black Crowes got into a bar fight with The Civil Wars. When the dust settled, Emmylou Harris would be there with a peace treaty and a vision. That vision is Escaping Pavement.”

“Splitting songwriting, singing, and playing duties equally, Emily and Aaron along with Niall Sullivan (bass and background vox) and Evan Profant (drums and background vox) create a sound that is refreshing, genuine, and alive!”

“Escaping Pavement is a Michigan-based band that explores classic Americana blues, rock, roots, soul, and country with anti-pavement tunes with an Emmylou Harris, Lucinda Williams, and Stevie Nicks' sound. Lead female vocalist, Emily Burns, sets the tone with a classy voice that centers around folk, pop, and Americana. The crystal clear vocals and instrumental arrangements contain a heavy 1970s feel that is nothing to laugh at.”

"Winter Homecoming" contains a jaunty guitar, mandolin, and banjo-tuned folk song with both male and female vocals. The Americana song is classic with scintillating strings and varied vocals that do not stray too far from the country roots. Anyone with an interest in Americana folk and rock with a country vein will love Escaping Pavement's latest tunes on Uprooted.

“Detroit, Michigan has a band to be proud of in Escaping Pavement. On UpRooted, they show that they’ve got the chops to hang with the big boys, combining gifted vocals together with strong musical arrangements and songwriting to create a warm atmosphere of Americana-inspired music. It’s honest and creative and speaks to the heart. And who could ask for more than that?”

“...more blues elements, colored with touches of gospel and soul, bring life to album closer, “4th of July.” The great flourishes of electric guitar and Profant’s inspired percussion set the table for Burns’ finest vocal delivery yet as she shows her incredible range, shooting for the stars and hitting a home run on one of the best tracks to be found here.”

“In our humble opinion the best song on "Uprooted" is the song "Winter Homecoming" in which both vocalists singing perform a kind of conversation with dialogues that take place between two people with different opinions. The foregoing ballad "Drive Me To Sadness" belongs to the better work on this album.”

“The songs are just good down to earth songs about life....Of the four songs I have heard from the CD my favorite was “Here Again” with the lyrics that are so relatable”

““It’s kind of a highlight of everything that has been happening over the last 5 or 6 years,” he said. “Emily Burns and I met 10 years ago and have been playing together for 8 of those years. We finally got something together; able to find a sound, and now a debut album.””

“Aaron Markovitz’s music career has taken the Ferndale native from his hometown to Los Angeles and even to the open sea as he played on cruise ships. But ultimately, Markovitz ended up back at home to see his career blossom.”