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Epoch Failure / Press

“Clear the decks of all your grown up ways & perhaps a little bit boringly responsible thoughts for a few minutes, as youthful New Jersey hip hop duo Epoch Failure have landed on EQ with their upbeat sassy pop song “Where I’m Sposed To Be”.”

“Radio Interview on CBS 920 Darren Yates Show.”

"The thing that separates those who make it from those who don't are excuses; have none and you'll have everything"

“Epoch Failure is not your average music duo. From the sound they give to the inspirations that drive them. They took the time to talk with Az 1 Promotionz about who they are, music, and what keeps them grounded.”

“Urban pop duo Epoch Failure makes laid-back music that reflects their life mantra of ”cold beers and high fives,” which they say is all they really ask for out of life. After applying for a deal with North Star Media through ReverbNation, the group was excited to be chosen for a recording contract and publishing deal. This isn’t the first time they’ve scored big through opportunities. In the past, Epoch Failure has been awarded opportunities to perform at the 2012 Hard Rock Cafe Battle of the Bands, NoDa Fall Musicfest, and had their song played on CBS Radio after being a Featured Artist on ReverbNation.”

"Two measures. Five seconds. Fifteen words. However you wanna break it down, that’s all it took for me to reach out and slap the “Hit Song” buzzer on this one. BAM. I mean it. After the first two lines, I paused the track and jumped away from my desk to grab some other people from our office to come listen. Truth is, I didn’t need to hear any more of the song because even if the rest wasn’t up to speed yet, the million dollar foundation was in place." "It’s about an artist being real and walkin’ it like they’re talkin’ it. Singing from the heart, rather than from the head or the wallet. I mean, look at these dudes. You can’t fake those smiles. There’s no money or fame behind this. This is as “low rent” a video as you can get and these guys are completely oblivious to the context. They don’t care. They’re croozin’ and boozin’, singing and celebrating life."

“Trenton, NJ – January 2, 2012 – The highly acclaimed NJ hip hop musician from, Mickey Knoxx, “STRIKES BACK” with his long awaited return for his fans. As a full time service man for the U.S. Army and part-time professional photographer, music was a hard choice to operate around his schedule, but now starting in 2012 he wants to snipe his focus on his dream career (music). He has just dropped his latest mixtape venture called “Veterans Day 2: PTSD” and the track “When You Come Home (Yellow Ribbon)” has been establishing a lot of buzz on internet radio followed up by a previous hit track “Wreck’em”. This mixtape is far more personal than his previous smash mixtape “Veterans Day” which was released November of last year before his last exit to fulfill military life. You’ll notice Knoxx’s musical mixtape standpoint is hip hop, but typifies his music using intelligent ignorant beats from real street to dance to even head bangin rock n’ roll with raw vocals t”