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“Steven Morris, the vocals for EnVIRUSment posted on his facebook page, "Words can't describe how I felt last night opening for Testament and Prong! Once again, Tommy Victor and Tony Campos of Prong were so cool and meeting Testament was more than I could ask for, granted our set time was bumped down to 20 min. Didn't really mean that much, just so thankful my band and I were there somewhere. I love Reno's Knitting Factory!"”

“Singer Steven Morris leads the stage with his King Diamond esque wales backed by the heavy guitar attack of the band. It doesn't get much more metal than this band.”

“So it’s great to encounter a band like Envirusment, what some might call a true metal band. It’s heavy metal—straight up, no chaser. Drummer John Shafer fires off shots like an automatic weapon wielded by an accurate assassin—heavy and relentless, but precise. Guitarist Wes Deputy and bassist Don Woods gallop ahead with monster riffage like a stampede of wild horses. And lead guitarist Jeff Stewart takes squealing, thrilling solos in the grand classical-inspired shredder tradition of Randy Rhoads. Morris is able to convey those growling, punchy low notes, but he’s also able to hit the high notes with a full-throat projectile voice, when most male vocalists would only be able to squeak ’em out with a whispered falsetto.”