Endless Interstate / Press

"Every once in a long while, music reminds us of our past and offers a glimpse into the future. The newly released ten-track album by “Endless Interstate” may do just that..." "While “Roadsigns” may seem like a debut album, it represents more than 20 years of creative musical collaboration." "Muccino said he and Sampson, the core songwriters for Endless Interstate, wanted to keep the music simple. They steered away from more complex, guitar solos to create music that blended country, folk and modern rock sounds."

"Two decades worth of music collaboration has created a sound and unity that is time honed with the patina of experience"

Andrea Adams - Musik&Film

"I have to tell you it's one of the best things I've heard in a while. I'm really enjoying it. It really is great...soulful, emotional, well written and produced. It has a great Pearl Jam/Temple of the Dog feel to it. Haven't taken it out of my cd player since I put it in."

Chris Johnston - Owner of The Montsweag Roadhouse, Woolwich, ME

“Although Endless Interstate is a relatively new project for Matthias Sampson and Christian Muccino, the pair has been collaborating together for two decades, most notably as part of the band Liquid Daydream, who had five releases between 1991 and 2003. The self-titled album Endless Interstate is the duo’s sixth release, though it is the debut album for this project. Complimenting each other perfectly, Matt and Chris, who each enjoy a plethora of responsibilities within Endless Interstate, have created an elegant spectrum of music with deeply thought-provoking lyrics that will touch places deep within the human heart. Graceful guitar work is prominent throughout and there is excellent vocal harmonizing in nearly every track. Bongos, congas and other assorted instruments give this album a refreshing and invigorating feel...............................(for full review click web link below)”