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El Pathos / Press

“This disc hasn’t left my rotation since I got it”

“...in terms of energy and tone, this is punk rock blues.”

“...fiery jamming and no-holds-barred, beer-soaked riffs...”

“This whole CD rocks hard .”

“El Pathos dollops fuzz rock with 1960’s frat boy stomp akin to the Fleshtones”

“‘Love & Hate’ adds airy note patterns to the hardened edge brought in by the guitar army enlisted in El Pathos.”

“A little garage rock crossed with a Texas border music vibe and a vocal style suited for death metal.”

“There’s not a dull moment on this album.”

“No frills rock played with plenty of gusto ”

“a definitive 2012 rock disc that stands on the shoulders of giants to cast its own long shadow.”


“What we have here is a band who has taken their time to to craft a collection of unique songs without straying from the overall theme of the lyrics and music. A rather impressive feat. Austin-based band, El Pathos, may have nailed their very own “Exile on Mainstreet” on the first try.”

“Great records can translate well to a wide variety of people despite how the genre tag reads. It’s tough to do a straight forward rock n’ roll album that doesn’t sound generic or a sound like a blatant ripoff. El Pathos has managed to pull from the finest of influences and infuse them in their sound without crossing that fine line. Count your blessings, Austin.”