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Eliza Rex / Press

“You have more dynamic shifts than a tectonic plate on Judgement Day, and every bit of the fury of an Armageddon earthquake!”

The Chemical Riot (TCR) - reverb nation

“This debut album from Devil Got Five reveals that there's more to the band's songwriting than being couched in the realm of metal... Recalling Arch Enemy and Skunk Anansie, Devil Got Five displays a flair for creative dynamics and lyrics here that intelligently and sensitively articulate the passions of a raging heart.”

“This review is not for anyone who has seen Devil Got Five live in concert, 'cuz you all have already gone out and bought the CD. They kick ass, they know they kick ass, and so do all their fans...It’s 10 songs of female-fronted rockin' Metal that is Gothy and Punky and hooky and sometimes sounds like the action theme from a modern medieval movie soundtrack, and other times like the songs spinning at one of Hell’s keggers. Cheers! For those of you who absolutely need the comparison band, it’s Lacuna Coil. For those who don’t need the comparison band, forget what I just said 'cuz Devil Got Five is their own beast. I think Eliza from DGF has a greater vocal range than Cristina from Lacuna Coil anyways. One last bit of kudos for Devil Got Five is I dig their devil horns on the headset logo, which is also the cover for their CD. Go check it out”

“There’s something about seeing a band work hard for the recognition they get, earning every step they take up the ladder in the music scene, that makes you proud when both fans and the music community appreciate the art they create. One such band that has done this is Denver’s Devil Got 5. Though still fairly new to the scene, people have begun to recognize their talent and originality, and they have been rewarded with shows at some of the state’s most influential venues.......... Eliza (vocals) and Jarrod (Guitar) - Photo courtesy of Dark Faery Photography ...Click to view larger image More times than not, the main focal point of a music group is in the singer, and, luckily for Devil Got 5, they managed to land one of the scene’s most powerful female voices to head up their band. Eliza has the ability to sing both beautifully clean as well as gritty rock & roll styles.......(continued see link)”

“In all, Devil is a metal band at its best – fun, a little silly but knowing it, arch but not negative. Its music had energy, bite and good spirit.”

“ Devil Got Five’s self-titled debut definitely has its share of the compulsory fire-and-brimstone components. And with a female singer/songwriter, it has a spark of something different as well, calling to mind bands such as Evanescence, Lacuna Coil, and Nightwish ”