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Elizabeth Pope / Press

“In a recent review of Elizabeth’s The Next Chapter EP, Toni Styles, music blogger from Rhythm and Ruffle had this to say: “It's been my pleasure as a music blogger, getting to know Elizabeth Pope over the past several months. I first highlighted her single, 'Undermine' on my blog, Rhythm & Ruffle -- it's a reflective song, with haunting lyrics that most can relate to at some point in life. Elizabeth is an artist in every sense of the word -- in fact, she makes those around her, better artists and people in general; touched by her beautiful, generous and positive spirit. It's truly a treat listening to Elizabeth's music, she's what the industry so desperately needs -- as you the listener will soon come to find -- her music is pure, it's real and it's alive. Elizabeth Pope is on a journey and her talent continues to shine brighter, every step of the way.””

Toni Styles - Rhythm and Ruffle

"Join me in welcoming Elizabeth Pope to the R.R.B Management Family. Elizabeth is a true testament of hard work and perseverance, not only has she booked her own concerts and Show but has also managed the marketing side of her business as well. Now we will take all her hard work to the next level while allowing her to do what she does best make music. So once again welcome to the Family." - R.R.B. Management

"Elizabeth Pope is a humble, gifted musician; well on her way to leaving a significant impression on the world. She inhales hope and exhales enthusiasm." - Toni Styles

"Elizabeth, your talent never stops amazing me! Your music is an everyday inspiration to us all!And we love u for it!!!" - David

Number One Music

"Elizabeth I love listening to you..IMO you have so much meaning with your music... you have an awesome voice...cant wait to see you in concert, you are simply amazing!!!"-Daniel

Number One Music

"Your tunes are simplistic. Easy to digest. Radio friendly.I am a huge fan and have been since I discovered you.I will continue to support you and recommend you to friends.I appreciate the hard work you put forth." -Cortney

Number One Music

“Elizabeth Pope describes her music as a roadmap: “I can write about different points in my life, I can write about experiences. That leads to songs that are emotional, upbeat and have a sensitive feel to them.” I love the idea that her music is a roadmap of insights into Elizabeth’s life.”

"In closing, I’ve found Elizabeth’s music to be the kind that is challenging for both the listener and the industry - the listener who may have forgotten how pure and fulfilling music can be when it remains a genuine form of expression by a unique individual whose sound is their own and a mainstream industry that too often place fame and fortune before the message."

"love your music!!!! its great!! i wanna swing to California some day to see you play as a matter of fact. ~wyatt-alan~ PER DIEM"

Wyatt-PER DIEM - reverbnation

"The Pizza Kings 'Not Again' great song with some beautiful vocals and guitar playing." Respects - TPK "The Judes Wonderful music Elizabeth, it's great to be here!! :)"

"The Pizza Kings 'Not Again' great song with some beautiful vocals and guitar playing." Respects - TPK "The Judes Wonderful music Elizabeth, it's great to be here!! :)"


“'Not Again' great song with some beautiful vocals and guitar playing. Respects - TPK"”

The Pizza Kings Band - Reverbnation