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Eleven Fifty Two / Press

"Just jammed out to you guys on rock 104.9....great way to start of friday!!!"

Brian Naslund - on our Facebook Page

"Playing your new cd to death!!!! I can't get enough!!!"

Mark Kulhavy - on our Facebook Page

"My first time seeing you live tonight, OMG! You guys rock! Totally impressed!"

Jim Koellner - on our Facebook Page

"just wanted to say you guys totally rock! I saw you at the HOI fair local anesthetic show, and even though I didn't catch your entire set, you guys were easily the best band there. you guys give me, an inspiring musician myself, hope for me and my music dream. keep on rocking!"

Michael Packard - on our Facebook Page

"First time seeing you guys play and WOW.. amazing. You guys rocked."

Jean Danielsen - on our Facebook Page

"Was turned to you guys by my brother who seen you guys in Peoria, he was really IMPRESSED!!....and after listening so am I.......really good rock.....thank you!!"

Christopher VanAntwerp - on our Facebook Page