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Elenora Fagan / Press

"When people hear the words rap and rock put together, they might think of anything from Limp Bizkit or Linkin Park to one of the earliest rap-rock duets, Aerosmith and Run-DMC's version of "Walk This Way." But Elenora Fagan is different; the group defines itself by the wider diversity of its rhythms and riffs. While the drums drive the beat, the bass may bring forth reggae vibes as the guitarist sprinkles single-note jazz textures. It's a smarter version of rap-rock, whose crossover appeal defies those two genres alone."

“Elenora Fagan, one shining gem in Charlotte’s Web of talented artists and Mic Check QC’s debut band...I personally invite all readers to see their next show and dare you to not feel their music. It’s thought provoking, head nodding, real music that you and all your friends will love”

“Charlotte’'s Elenora Fagan, can be likened to a delicious gumbo: a staple taste that is loved by many, with a surprisingly delightful appeal to the taste buds for many trying the dish for the first time...The band'’s freshman self-titled album has a plethora of catchy hooks and clever wordplay to boot, with rock driven production, laced with reggae undertones...Overall, the album is solid. Elenora Fagan has a promising future.”

“Most of the time when rock meets rap, one of the elements is not up to par. Either the rhymes are strong but the chords are weak, or the guitar is hitting but the lyricist is a dull blade. Enter Elenora Fagan. The Charlotte-based hip hop-rock band is the cure for both maladies: mindful, provocative lyrics backed by a tight trinity of guitar, bass and drum...They're a refreshing addition to Charlotte’s hip hop scene, crowded as it is with enthusiastic but underpar rappers yelling about money at every single open mic night.”

“But the best shock of the night was Elenora Fagan. The band bearing Billy Holiday's government name consists of 2 emcees, a drummer, and a bass and a lead guitar. When they hit the stage, Wine Up's relaxed, chill audience lost it and moshed out. The group's razor sharp flows and driving guitars left everyone a sweaty mess by the end of their half-hour set. ”

“Elenora Fagan’s stage performances are gritty and energetic...I love Stoned Tablets!”

“The build up of Elenora Fagan's next show has me ready to enjoy some new age funk...Really folks these cats are doing some good music home grown out of the QC! ”

SiFi - SiFi Speaks

“This Band is on the move...a killer blend of Rhymes meets Rock!”

Woody, Loose Change Clemson,SC