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Eleni Mylona / Press

“One word to describe your music...Sublime!”

Delaney Simpson - Reverbnation

“Your music is a cure, deeply inspired...”

Surge Jordan - Reverbnation

“A voice of silk...just beautiful!”

Lefty Blues Band - Reverbnation

“Beautiful and inspirational!”

Marie-Anne Fischer - Reverbnation

“There's such character and quality in this music..it always has me coming back for more!”

MikeWhitePresents - Reverbnation

“Your voice and melodies are now part of me,so beautiful.”

anonymousmuse - Reverbnation

“Hard to say just how good Eleni's songs are,just listen to Storm and you will see for yourself”

John Hasnip - Reverbnation

“i hear the continuation of giberto gil, antonio carlos jobim, astrud gilberto, milton nasceminto in your work. your singing and writing leaves me dreaming and drifting in the clouds, lost in the sheer beauty of this. they say that music is the universal language; i can't understand a word of this but my heart understands! stunningly beautiful!!”

Jeff Stetson - Reverbnation

“Beautiful, seductive, elegant...stunning music”

Andrew Marshall - Reverbnation

“So lovely! Your voice is incredibly mesmerizing”

Roberto Cordero Jazz - Reverbnation

“A touch of heaven.”

The Fabulous Del Counts - Reverbnation

"Storm" beautifully elegant music....

Still inlimbo - Reverbnation


J Wildd - Reverbnation

“These sessions speak to adventure, numbness, life, and the spirit of pushing through life. Each sound of "Storm" exposes a part of the soul we can't help but care for under the ailments of apathy and foggy horizons that at times, guide our road. A true symphony and work of art.”

Matthew Johnston - Revebnation

“Bossa de Um Sonho drips with emotion!! Beautiful.....”

Andrew Austin - Reverbnation

“You have a very beautiful voice that lingers in the heart - the solitary human voice is a powerful force.”

Mike de Sousa - Reverbnation

"Beautiful tracks, provocative."

“It's hard to find a more beautiful, stripped-back and honest song like "Storm" anywhere else..”

MikeWhitePresents - Reverbnation

“Sometimes a few lines are enough to capture your heart. The melancholy in your voice is utterly irresistible.”

“Getting Lost In Your Magic..”

“There are not enough words in the universe to describe how amazing your music is..”

“Your World Of Music Giving Us Fantasy!”

“Very beautiful music.”

“Fabulous array of sounds and your vocal is haunting but beautiful ...”

“Great, smart compositions with a beautiful voice”

“Passionate lyrics...Sultry voice...Captivating!”

“Very smooth and transcending. Impressive in every way.”

Greg Ashton Haze - Reverbnation

“Exotic, beautiful and alluring. Such a wonderul thing to find on Reverbnation. Amazing.....”

“Such an amazing talent! A wonderful voice that left me wanting more...”

“Sultry & captivating vocals DELUXE!”

“The voice- a mystery, its ethereal and has my attention.”

“Fabulous...i love your vox, beats, everything!”

“Captivating music”

“Some of the best stuff i have heard in the UK”

“Absolutely FANTASTIC!”

“Impressive, beautiful vocals and music!”

“Beautiful Voice And Great Stage Presence,Your Another One Of London UKs Finest Singers And Performers”

“Gorgeous music...Like champagne for the ears.”

“Great atmosphere & sound”

“Very creative tracks”

“Great voice and great ability to compose "diamonds". Storm is a fantastic song. So smooth and elegant..”

“Superb, sultry vocals. Interesting and evocotive tracks. Beautiflly sung. Love it.”

“Storm is beautiful and haunting in the same breath.. Love the tone of your voice over the hynpnotic guitar melody.. Enchanting voice would be an understatement”

“Classy, intoxicating!”


“Rich melodies, dynamic, deep, colorful.”


“LOVE this music. Amazing songwriting and beautiful, soothing vocals...Ahhhh yes!”

“Fantastic tracks, deep soul and mood.”

“You have a Unique Voice”

“Beautiful passion in your amazing unique voice and excellent musical sound tones and textures along with a great soul in your lyrics.”

“It is a pleasure to hear such excellent music, It is amazing !”

“Originality ..Mesmerizing Voice..”

“Love the hypnotic feel your music and vocals project”

The Fabulous Del Counts - Reverbnation

“Great ideas and performance”

“OK.. Acapella? I got shivers listening to your voice! This usually don't happens often!! You are amazing!”

“A very surprising voice, fragility and yet liquid. The same could be said about the songs. I am reminded of ice melting in the spring when I hear this.”

“Beautiful lyrics and music!”

“Very entertaining & exciting... awesome jazz & amazing voice...”

“Listening to and loving.... 'Storm".... Incredible music!”

“What a gorgeous and sultry voice you have- reminds me of the great PJ Harvey-but with an edge and appeal all your own.”

"Storm" is just fantastic!

“This artist is a great singer and the tracks are simlpy wonderful to listen to anytime.”

“Tango is pretty amazing. Good job”

“'Tango' is wholesome jazzy perfect music, just so enjoy this sound production.”

“Apla katapliktiki.Xilia bravo.”

“You have some beautiful soothing music here and your vocals are AMAZING!!!! Wonderful tone and delicate quality to your voice. Pure bliss....”

“J'aime beaucoup ta musique, elle est souple... relaxante, très apaisante...quelques grammes de finesse dans un monde de brute..La pureté dénuée de tout artifice..”

“Great music, passion, style, and what an engaging voice!”

“Nothing but talent..”

“Wonderfully emotionally charged vocals...great sound.”

“Truly amazing!”

“You've got a gorgeous way to forge art. Elegantly sensual and tasteful Music.”

“There is always so much passion and compassion in her voice. The Song "Tonight" captivates the listener.”

“La Mer features Eleni Mylona .. truly the best singer alive on the xxi century. Matteo Bevilaqua, a good Italian, friend of mine ;-/ asked how did i manage to get that amazing sound on the vocals.. I couldn’t remember what it was – and forgetting how things were really was a good friend of mine.. I checked again in the session and it was only basic EQing and a bit of compression.. Her voice speaks.. and sounds for itself”