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Rank #1 IL Acre, IL Electronica / Psychedelic Trance


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Sounds Like: Shpongle (Simon Posford), Astrix, Infected Mushroom, Skrillex, The Prodigy

Label: Indie

Bio: ElectrowaveZ - the Arab Pioneers of the Electronic Dance Music Formed in 2008 combining the power, drive and

talents of brothers Charlie Shaabi and Richard Savo from Acre.

Start their carrier with Original Electro music and Honorable remixes that achieves top Charts in different

platforms o... See Full Bio

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ElectrowaveZ has a show on 2014-06-28 at 20:00 @ Kamhamaia - The Big Illusion ... in North, PS http://www.reverbnation.com/p/n1M8EQ #concert


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Nov 2, 2012
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  • Za3tar Released on Jul 3, 2013
  • Blaze Up Di Fun Released on Jul 3, 2012
  • Dubooster Released on May 2, 2012
  • BrainStorm Released on May 2, 2010


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  • 2014

    Jun 28

    North, PS | 8:00pm
    Kamhamaia - The Big Illus...
    North, PS
    Sat Jun 28 8:00pm


    We will gather again in the beautiful nature, where the Soul, Mind and body will become as one, Where good energies, love and smiles will be spread between all of you lovely spirits. Positive vibes is all what requires to go through this amazing experience ★ Kamhamaia 2014: Ask those who were there in 2013 - Sayed Rian GET READY FOR PSYCHEDELIC CRAZINESS ☆ Basic Information ★ Location will be published in the day if the event ★ ALOT OF WATER, GONNA BE HOT ★ Camping equipments ★Comfy boots ★ Smiles and positive energies - Bar Prices: Half Beer - 15 Chaser - 10

  • 2013

    Dec 7

    Haifa, IL | 10:00pm
    Haifa, IL
    Sat Dec 07, 2013 10:00pm


    We are proudly present the release of the new album 'Za3tar' by the super talented brothers from Akka! ElectrowaveZ - the Arab pioneers of the electronic dance music formed in 2008 combining the power, drive and talents of brothers Charlie Shaabi and Richard Savo. Started their carrier with original electro music and honourable remixes that achieves top charts in different platforms of contest. ElectrowaveZ boost their sound with dubstep melodies arranged with wobbly bass and mixed with broken beats >> give the name "Dubooster" for their first EP, the group change the music style but kept their special fusion taste. Dubooster has released on 2012 and it contained 5 track, including hits like "Cyber Attack" and "Lost Island". Last important project called "Za3tar" the second officially album with full power and raging baselines, original compositions and fresh sounds, hot new psytrance and electronic music that been growing on local dance floors. These dynamic elements all combine to create the perfect refreshing musical similar with fullon, dark and psychedelic trance, with some triplet and offbeat method, dubstep beats and modern blending subgenre type that create advanced and Recent sound. --- Line up: Pi Ratto | progressive glitch ElectrowaveZ | main live act 'Za3tar album' Alja Onkaa | progressive Shadi Issawi | dark psy El Sayed | experimental psy --- ॐ Za3tar ॐ CD album will be available before, during and after the party! see you soon lovely fighters!

  • 2013

    Oct 18

    Somewhere in the Forest, IL | 12:00am
    Mukti Gathering | BACK T...
    Somewhere in the Forest, IL
    Fri Oct 18, 2013 12:00am


    Hello Mukti family!!! It's been a while since the last magical gathering we had on last April - we diffidently miss you and miss your warm energies! "Mukti is a derivative of the root word Mukt, and means absolution, deliverance, emancipation, freedom, liberation, pardon, release, or salvation." At the time when the re-creating of the middle eastern psytrance scene was and still happening, a group of people decided to start this beautiful gathering, and carried it [now] for three years - until it got stronger and a family was born and grew with the same spirit. Since this spirit was born, we are all gather together twice a year - to share, to love, to celebrate and dance for life, along with music, art and mama nature! Let's keep growing this plant of the psytrance spirit - a peace of paradise that happening twice a year on the middle of the middle eastern nature! So here we are - meeting for the second time in the year of 2013 !!! ☉⊙☉⊙☉⊙☉⊙☉⊙☉☉⊙LIVE ACTS☉⊙☉⊙☉⊙☉⊙☉⊙☉☉⊙ ⊙ Rimon Haddad and Maysa Daw (PAL) ⊙ Alice Phoebe Lou (SA) ⊙ Abu Rabous (PAL) ⊙ Jamea' Taksir (SYR) ⊙ Majdal Nijem (PAL) ⊙ Shady Mizigit (PAL) ⊙ Shadi Issawi (PAL) ⊙ ☉⊙☉⊙☉⊙☉⊙☉⊙☉☉⊙XPERIMENTAL STAGE☉⊙☉⊙☉⊙☉⊙ ⊙ Hill (PAL) ⊙ TAKT (PAL) ⊙ Stop N' Go (GER) ⊙ Adam Salman (HUN) ⊙ Sundali (PAL) ⊙ Harout Sultan (PAL) ⊙ Moussa Mazareeb (PAL) ⊙ Sami Zibak (PAL) ⊙ SKYWALKER (PAL) ⊙ El Boratcho (PAL) ⊙ Mad Hatter (PAL) ⊙ Ramsey (JOR) ⊙ Hiba Salameh (PAL) ⊙ Shadi Issawi (PAL) ⊙ Jebus (PAL) ⊙ An Andalusian Dog (PAL) ⊙ Rebellious Monk (UA) ⊙ JABALI (PAL) ⊙ RAM (PAL) ⊙ Danielle Angel (TU) ⊙ SAPNA (PAL) ⊙ Moody Kablawi and the band (PAL)☉ ☉⊙☉⊙☉⊙☉⊙☉⊙☉☉⊙TRANCE FLOOR☉⊙☉⊙☉⊙☉⊙☉⊙☉☉ ⊙ Bruno Cruz (PAL) ⊙ ElectrowaveZ (PAL) ⊙ Nasser Halahli (PAL) ⊙ BEATHEAD (GER) ⊙ Mr. Treehoefer (GER) ⊙ Ston N' Go (GER) ⊙ SOSQEE (UA) ⊙ Sayed Rian (PAL) ⊙ Ayasoma (PAL) ⊙ Alja Onkaa (PAL) ⊙ Yousef Isac (PAL) ⊙ NATRAJA3D (PAL) ⊙ Haitham Ebraheem (PAL) ⊙ Tetraspace (PAL) ⊙ Strange Blotter (PAL) ⊙ Shadi Issawi (PAL) ⊙ Wizo & Sapna (PAL) ⊙ Fady Mazzawi (PAL) ⊙ Ross Taboo (PAL) ⊙ Jameel Khoury (PAL) ⊙ Layalee Karaman (PAL) ⊙ ☉⊙☉⊙☉⊙☉⊙☉⊙☉☉⊙☉⊙☉⊙☉⊙☉⊙☉⊙☉☉⊙☉⊙☉⊙☉⊙☉ DECO: WANDERZIRKUS decorations // Germany WORKSHOPS: ⇴ Yoga ⇴ Didgeridoo healing ⇴ Awouohe ⇴ Fire poi & Juggling ⇴ How to teach children human rights through story telling [ MUKTI SHUTTLES ] Shuttles will be available from Nahariya train station to the MUKTI at: Thursday ............ 17 October >> 16:00 pm - 21:00 pm Friday .............. 18 October >> 12:00 pm - 19:00 pm Shuttles will be available from MUKTI to Nahariya train station at: Friday ............. 18 October >> 12 pm - 19:00 pm Saturday .............. 19 October >> 20:00 pm - 23:00 pm Sunday ............... 20 October >> 10:00 am - 14:00 pm * Trains to Nahariya are available from Haifa, Tel Aviv and Jerusalem >> http://www.rail.co.il/EN/Pages/Homepage.aspx [ATTENTION] >> if you are arriving on Friday, make sure you are planning your trip regarding to SHABAT train's timing, since on Friday trains will end earlier than the normal. [PRICE] >> 30 NIS for one direction. For more info about SHUTTLES and TRAINS: 0545803364 LOCATION & OTHER: ⇴ Camping zone will be available for building your tents and make your own space. ⇴ Toilets are available with water and soap. ⇴ ONLY vegetarian/vegan food will be available all day and night. ⇴ Bar will be available all day and night ⇴ Fruity shakes for day time ⇴ Enough space for parking near by the location. TICKETS: until 1.10.2013 >> 100 NIS [20 EURO] 2.10.2013 until 13.10.2013 >> 120 NIS [25 EURO] 14.10.2013 and up >> 150 NIS [30 EURO] --- Wherever you are around the country just call and get you ticket - | TICKETS ARE LIMITED | People who are travelling from abroad please email us for PRE- SALE tickets | mukti.gathering@gmail.com | Ramallah >> Majdal Nijim | 0599439373 May Hope-snowhiteStark Jabareen | 0546412661 Jerusalem >> Sharif Abu Sneineh Moriano | 0544434221 Jaffa >> Maysa Daw | 0505994451 Chady Baddarni | 0509594491 Haifa >> Ayed Fadel | 0547428298 Elias Hawila | 0504402031 Nazareth>> Dima A-Hanna | 0526504202 Golan Heights >> Wael Safadi | 0508460825 ---- VOLUNTEERS: ⇴ This time we need some volunteers to help us before, during and after the festival - volunteers will get free ticket! please contact us through inbox or email us here: mukti.volunteers@gmail.com | for serious Mukti's only | WHAT TO BRING: your smile :) ---------------------------------------------------- For MUKTI lovers: ⇴ Please attend the event in order to be on the list, going/maybe will be count as coming. People who are not on the list will definitely not entering the festival!! ⇴ Stay tuned in order to get the RIGHT location. The location will be published [17.10.2013 THURSDAY] at noon. ⇴ Tons of positive vibes are needed!! ************************************************************** THIS IS A CLOSED FESTIVAL - only friends of the "Mukti Gathering" Facebook page will be invited. Others/friends who would like to attend the event are required to add "Mukti Gathering" as a friend. ************************************************************** SAFE DRIVE >> SALAM ♥

  • 2013

    Aug 24

    Hifa, IL | 11:00pm
    Jupiter Psychedelic Nature ...
    Hifa, IL
    Sat Aug 24, 2013 11:00pm


    After a long anticipation, "Full On production" brings you a summer party with the best of the best Dj's! Coming up, in to the deep nature of the magical North, to bring you full 24 hours of fine electronic music. DAWRISH, WIZO, JOHN & more than 12 powerful Dj's. A friend's party with good vibes to celebrate our FREEDOOM ∞. ★★★******Line up***★★★*** ★Darwish http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lkq56W6ZVIY ★ perfect balance Http://soundcloud.com/djon_markovich ★ Wizo & Sapna ★ Dexter – metatron pro ★ Rober ★ Sayed ★ 3nana ★ Haitham Ebraheem ★ Wassim ★ strange blotter https://soundcloud.com/strangeblotter ★ Bebo Makhlouf https://soundcloud.com/nataraja3d ★ Shadi Issawy ★ ElectrowaveZ https://soundcloud.com/za3tar ★ Mad Hatter ★ Fadi Mazzawi ★ Data Base soundcloud. com/data-base ★ Rany ★ Lorans Location: 30 min ---> north to Haifa The area of the party will include • Camping Zone • Bar • Swimming pool • Food stands • Face painting stand And much more ;) ******************Tickets****************** The ticket sale will be by bracelets (when you purchase a ticket you will get the bracelet as an entry card to the party). • Purchase is available only through "Full on production" organizers. You may send a private message by Facebook. • *** tel numbers for tickets *** *haifa*-*0545755548 *haifa*-*0549853371 *jerusalem / ramallah*-*0533343369 *tel aviv*-*0526549028 Cost: ........ - 22/08/2013 100 nis. ** At the day of the party 130 nis.

  • 2013

    Jul 27

    In The Jungle, IL | 11:15am
    Kamhamaia - The Big Illusion
    In The Jungle, IL
    Sat Jul 27, 2013 11:15am


    طيب يا قبيله فيلم الحب هادا بكلفكو 30 شيكل.. اه اه 30 ليره.. جيبو باقي الاصحاب تعالو بكير عشان نبني الخيمات ونأسس الراس مع موسيقى الأمباينت ونرخي ونرتاح لأنو بعد الأمبيانت رح تنزل ملائكة الحب تحفر معانا وووههووو ★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★ Our Journey will soon start, The tribe where the soul, body and mind will come as one. Where Art, music and love will be spread between all of you lovely souls. All in one beautiful place, in the heart of the colorful colony, Nature Positive energies is all you need, Get ready for psychedelic craziness... ----------------------------------- ███▓▒░░._____.░░▒▓███ *FOR TRANSPORTATION FROM HAIFA PLEASE SEND YOUR NAMES AND NUMBERS TO: Haitham Ebraheem ----------------------------------- ☆ Some Basic Info ★ Location will be published on the day of the rave ★ Going/Maybe is a must to enter the family list ★ Alot of water, its gonna be HOT ★ Tent and camping equipments ★ Comfy boots ★ Smiles and Positive Energies ☆★ Our Lineup: Shady Mizigheet (Live Didgeridoo Show) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gu2-JYTxtzE&fb_source=message Mad Hatter (PsyDark Downtempo) https://soundcloud.com/mad-hatter-14-1/mad-hatter-set Shady Issawi (Psychedelic Trance) Wizo & Sapna (Psy FullOn) Jebus (Dark Psytrance) Psyed (Joyful Psychedelic) https://soundcloud.com/sayedrian Nataraj3D (FULLON) https://soundcloud.com/nataraja3d Shadi Basul - SunDali - (Psychill) https://soundcloud.com/shadi-basul Strange Blotter (Progressive PsyTrance) https://soundcloud.com/strangeblotter Alja Onkaa (JZRC) - (Freakadelic Groove) Diana UP (Goa Live Set) ElectrowaveZ - (Za3tar Project) http://soundcloud.com/Za3tar 3Nansky (Progressive Psy set) Ross-Taboo (PsyProg) Fadi Mazzawi (Progressive FullOn) Yousef Isaac (Retro Full-on Session) JaJa (Live Psytrance Set) Haitam Ebraheem ( OldSchool GOA ) EL Borracho (Psybient) ★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★ Entrance- 30 NIS Don't forget your positive vibrations

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  • Nukky Grissom (Artist) Nukky Grissom
    From me to you...(it's free!) http://hhdb.com/mixtapes/606/Where_Grissy_Happens_-_The_Mixtape/
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    Hello from France, thank for your good sounds and music
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    verry great sounds keep it up.....CHEERS FROM FRANCE
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