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Eleanora / Press

" There are a couple of things you should know about Eleanora from the get-go: It’s a band, not a female solo singer; it uses violins (note: we didn’t say fiddles), but it’s not a Celtic folk band; and there are two couples within its ranks. Take that, Jack White. In fact, Eleanora is a band truly unlike any other, and that’s kind of the point of what these five people are doing — creating something unique and intellectually challenging out of the traditional and familiar..."

"Eleanora is making some refreshing noise with the release of its first full-length album. The band uses a variety of interesting instruments, including glockenspiel, vibraphone, melodica and even a Speak & Spell, to create a sound that could be described as orchestral rock."

“Disarmingly beautiful folk rock with an orchestral coating, every bit of this Detroit quintet's debut radiates elegance, whether it's the twanging electric guitar, the somber sawing cello or even the prancing chimes of the xylophone. Tight rhythms supplement a steady trot that wanders away from the city and into the countryside, varyingly warmed and chilled by the forceful voices of its dual songstresses. "Just Your Kiss" is a pensive, somber waltz; "All Ascending" is a nuanced, shuffling strummer that shifts into more rock-ish terrain. Worth a listen: "Son of God"”